• nope its addictive as fuck i got a bit of res from it in a bowl of ganja and its fucks you up bad
  • Tell yourself..err umm your 'friend' to exercise. Getting involved with something that dangerous just to lose weight is unbelievably stupid.
  • Nothing some cardio can't do. The only thing speed does is give you an energetic high you can get through dietary change. It's up to you to act on it, because ultimately, nothing makes you lose weight except expending more energy than you take in.
  • Sure, it causes reduced appetite, so your friend may lose weight. However, your friend may also develop erectile dysfunction, headaches, hyperactivity and acne. He/she may experience convulsions, be gross and sweaty, and get diarrhea. If he/she really wants to lose weight that badly, tell he/she to not eat junk, and get some exercise. Either that or they can do speed, be skinny, and be fucked up for the rest of their life, and probably end up in jail.
  • yes, but he will also LOOK like he is doing speed! Like a meth addice! EW!
  • HEALTH IMPLICATIONS: Amphetamine use does not provide the body with any extra energy nor does it remove the need for sleep. It simply allows the body to access existing reserves of energy faster, and prevents, rather than removes, the need for sleep. There is an inevitable comedown after the amphetamines have worn off - tiredness, depression, loss of self-esteem, hunger, and achiness. There may be a temptation to alleviate some of these symptoms by using some painkilling or tranquillising drug, or alternatively using more speed. Neither option is ultimately beneficial, and it would be better to allow the body to recover naturally, through eating and sleeping to recuperate lost energy. Use of amphetamines can cause weight loss, which, if extensive, could be dangerous and damaging. Historically Dexamphetamine was prescribed as an aid to slimming though this practice is now seriously frowned upon. Amphetamines are usually "cut" with other substances to increase the profit when sold; these adulterants can cause damage and illness, especially when they are toxic substances. Regular snorting of amphetamines can cause damage to the nasal passages; rubbing speed onto the gums can cause gum and tooth damage. Swallowing amphetamines can cause stomach irritation and nausea. Injecting speed carries all the risks attached to intravenous drug use. Smoking methamphetamine is associated with damage to teeth and gums, leading to a dental syndrome dubbed "meth mouth." Psychologically, regular and frequent speed use can cause a condition called Amphetamine Psychosis, typified by intense paranoia and anxiety. While the condition usually abates after the amphetamine use is discontinued, medical assistance may be helpful. Deaths do occur, and risks of death are exacerbated amongst people who have heart conditions. Amphetamines are not physically addictive, but there is a significant risk of psychological dependency, especially amongst frequent regular users. The compulson to use Methamphetamine appears to be especially strong. LEGAL STATUS: Most amphetamines are Class B, Schedule 2 drugs. This means that, unless produced, supplied or possessed under Home Office licence, offences would be committed under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Amphetamines, like other class B drugs, are counted as Class A drugs when prepared for injection. Pharmaceuticals such as Dexamphetamine Sulphate are legal if prescribed and used by the person to whom they were prescribed. A small number of weaker amphetamine-based (e.g. Benzphetamine) are Class C drugs.
  • It WAS prescribed as a diet drug in the fifties and sixties - my Grandma used to take it! It was also prescribed to students at the time so they could get through their final exams on hardly any sleep and spend the night revising - my Mum and all her friends took it, and it was prescribed by their doctors. It was seen as a bit of a miracle drug at the time. But my Mum told me it messed her sleep patterns up for months and it took her a few months to get back to normal after being on it. I think I'd recommend doing a normal diet and exercising instead...
  • Its true, once ur dead u lose weight :D
  • Yes, it can make you lose weight. But you would have to take so much over such a long period that it would probably do considerable harm to your brain.
  • Once the weight is lost, most likely wont be able to stop using. Really just hit the gym and eat healthy. At 14 your still growing anyway.
  • yes you will but as soon as you stop you will gain it back and it will be harder to lose ohhh that is if you don't get addicted to it......
  • Your friend is a retard. Speed is not a diet aid. The body needs exercise, good nutrition and proper sleep to look good and fit. Trying to starve yourself with a drug that is a poison will, 1. Age you overnight, 2. Make your hair fall out 3. Make you act insane 4. Make you sleep deprived 5. Make you gain weight when you stop. Make you start losing more than weight. Like money, friends, self esteem and looks.
  • The only way to lose weight is to eat less crap. Even if you work out like an athlete and snort half of Escobar's supply. You'll not lose weight if you're eating crap.
  • Here is what you loose, You health, your ability to make good decisions, your friends, your family, your freedom, possibly your life and yes you will loose weight. Definitely NOT WORTH IT! Try weight watchers. I learned how to weigh and measure all foods while a member there and lost a lot of weight. I have lost 20 lbs in the last few months by measuring everything out and watching those calories. 20 more to go and I'll stop there. Currently I have peanuts bagged up in my refrigerator. Ones with 100 calories and one with 200 calories that include walnuts. I don't need to guess what I am eating. I know for sure.

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