• I really don't see suspicion in this, unless they are missing after he has left the house. Guys take them because they are looking forward to some action or as reassurance too.
  • Viagra pills help a man to just feel better. Maybe you have been so busy he feels you are unapproachable.
  • Maybe hes doing cock pushups! or cock pullups with weights and needs that extra Oomph!
  • I sort of agree with F.O.C., ponzulover. However, think of it through many different perspectives. Is he taking the pills and then masturbating maybe? If so, he would not want to tell you if he thinks that he needs to last for you. In other words, he may feel pressure to perform with you and want to and that's why he takes the pills, but when it comes time to, he may be backing out due to anxiety. How long has he been taking them? If not long, then I don't think you have anything to worry about. However, if for quite a while, then you may still not need to worry, but the space for worry increases. There are other several reasons for this as well. He may be "testing" to see what happens if he does such and such after taking the pills. He may be trying to figure out any number of things that would not require your help. If you don't have any evidence that he's engaging in questionable acts, then DON'T confront or accuse him. Try observing first. Also, just flat out ask him. Just mention it after coming out of the bathroom. Say it in a sexy, non-accusatory, non-confrontational way; "I see you've taken a pill. Wanna try it out?" Something like that. Of course, though, this means that you will be admitting that you are checking how many pills he has left, etc., so be prepared for that.

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