• could be.
  • Bravo.. In fact you just stepped over a very sensitive issue. No matter how loud we tell people of the world that men and women are equal, they are still not, and if you ask me the question why? My answer would be 'its confidential'.
  • yea, but it could also mean she's butch lol
  • When they say she has balls like a guy that's a compliment.
  • You betcha!
  • The phrase "You play like a girl" took on an entirely new meaning when the American women won the gold medal in Soccer at the Olympics and the American men, uh, well, you know. (head down, feet shuffling.)
  • I don't think its an insult..but, they do keep quiet when us girls throw better.. :D
  • Its usually meant as an insult when someone says 'You throw like a girl" but honestly girls just throw differently based on their different body structure to men. Women have much less muscle mass in their shoulders and so they cannot usually wind up and throw a straight pitch like a man. For that same reason, when someone says "you punch like a girl" they mean that girls throw the punch from the elbow, "elbow punching" instead of from the shoulder. But girls can throw just as good and just as fast as men with enough strength training and pracitce. Also, look at female softball pitchers; they don't throw the conventional baseball pitch but they are excellent at what they do. So it would be a compliment to tell a woman that she throws like a man but she just might correct you when you tell her that.
  • Yes, I was told I threw a cricket ball better than the boys when at school. That was intended as a compliment. My Boss introduced me once to new colleagues with Oh ***** is okay she thinks like a man. He thought it was a compliment I was not so sure.
  • depends if the women likes being compared to a man
  • Yea, i think so.

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