• Well, I don't know what you define as "stuck up", but all of the young professional people I know who are successful or wealthy are quite down to earth. That isn't to say that they aren't proud of their accomplishments. All of them have worked extremely hard to have what they have in life, whether it be a fancy home, an expensive car or designer clothes. If someone has worked damn hard for what they have in life, I'm not going to deny them the right to be proud of it, or do a little showing off. They've earned it.
  • It's not a new trend, it's as old as money. Some act this way to everyone and it's all a game to them. Others are selectively kind and dismissive. It comes from being sheltered from long-term futility.
  • Sometimes, but not ALL the time because I've known people who DO think everyone is beneath them, but sometimes if you work really hard to be successful other people get jealous. Then they make snide remarks like "it must be nice" and things like that, or they start taking advantage of you and act like you should give them things or pay for everything. You finally get so frustrated that you just start shying away from people and that is mistaken for being stuck up.
  • It's called elitism. It is a false sense of hierarchy over those who don't have those things. The cool thing is that it's what a person has on the inside that truly matters; all of those material things eventually will break down and go away. They've vested themselves into that which withers! Achievement: A good thing, but not to the point of being all puffed up. It means that person can now pass on those ingredients to someone else in an encouraging way so that they too can raise their accomplishments.
  • Not a new trend. You must be pretty young.
  • It is not people with just a lot of money. Honestly put some people are just assholes! I know that is not "nice", but sometimes the truth hurts. . When you "achieve" something you should always bring something with you from where you can from. It will help keep your feet on the ground.
  • Using 'please' after the word 'answer', when both are being yelled does not make it less of a demand.
  • It's because they are insecure about who they are. Insecurity runs rampant in the United States especially. It's usually not that person's fault.. they are just unable to differentiate exactly who they are, what they want, and how to go about getting it without putting other people down. Others are just very shy and don't like to flaunt the fact that they are capable of achieving what they want without the help of others.
  • There's nothing wrong with success or achievement. It's something everyone should strive for.

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