• Every non-Republican President ever? Or Lincoln, really.
  • Maybe FDR.
  • I never thought about it that way. I guess he would be near the top of the list. How sweet it is!
  • All of the ones who aren't Republicans. I can't think of a president who hasn't irritated me actually.
  • Bill CLinton and FDR both sent them into a tizzy.
  • Has there ever been another president who named a eugenics supporter as his science adviser?
  • None in my memory, but I was a very small child when Reagan was elected. Being that I don't remember Carter, the only democrat I remember is Clinton. He wasn't that bad, actually.
  • FDR, fo' sho'. There was even an amendment that prevented him from running for office again because he pissed everyone off so much lol.
  • I doubt it. He embodies everything they either fear or envy or yes, hate. He is intelligent, he is calm, he is confident, he is articulate, he is a person of color, he has a sense of humor, he not only talks the talk but walks the walk. That's why they continue to attempt the smackdown....the problem is the more they put their efforts toward harming him the most obvious it is that they got nuthin' positive to offer. Happy Sunday kdp! :) ((hugs))
  • Probably - Your present enemy always makes you miss your last enemy.
  • Every President in recent memory has irritated the other party enormously. That's just the nature of politics. Maybe someday we'll grow up enough to stop thinking we need to take sides on every issue. That's about 10 average IQ points above where we are as a population still, but I have some faith in natural selection.
  • clinton got under their skin just as much.
  • They're still dumping on FDR, that dirty so and so's stimulus bill caused the Great Depression:
  • no, because they have never had a PRESIDENT so irritating,arrogant,evading and DICTORIAL,PARTIAL, as Obama...:) but he is starting to irrate,scare, and wake up ,quite a few Demoncrats....hopefully, they will keep it up before America is 'irrepairable' and 'unfree'....
  • You have a short memory - how about Bill Clinton?
  • George Bush didn't do a bad job at it either.
  • FDR for sure. So much so that they instituted a Constitutional Amendment to insure that no other President could serve more than two terms. (Read Democratic President). Because once the Great Prevaricator was in Office (Reagan) they started giving serious weight to another Amendment to allow him more than two terms.
  • Nope, we're pissed
  • I not sure about tension from the republican's exactly, but there have been many forms of tension at past presidents, FDR, Hoover, Jackson, even Nixon, JFK, Clinton, and by most probability, many others.
  • How quickly you forget Clinton. Rush is still talking about him AND his wife.
  • (accidental submission please ignore)
  • Hate...such a strong word for the "free-speach", "diverse" "peace-loving" party that you've obviously associated with... What's truly funny is the question: Who irritates republicans? What about who irritates democrats? THIS very question is proof as to why our first president feared a two-party system of government...
  • See, a person who understands statistics, realizes that polls have margins of error and subject to scrutiny. So, obviously they lied when a Republican is favored, but when a Deomcrat is favored, then it's obvious that it's the way Americans feel, huh? Carter is perceived as great by Liberals only, not Conservatives...but I like how you characterized then as "in the know" - which is like giving a "fact" with an obvious slant... I also LOVE the name calling, that liberals do when someone points out the faults of their arguments... i.e. "stupid white men", "dinosaurs", etc. Why not support your claims or dispute mine on merit? I did yours.
  • Anyone who stands for truth, justice and determination with a serious attempt to clean up the mess they made is going to irritate the joke known as the Republican party. I have to thank them for one thing, they made Democrats respectable again.
  • Sure- Clinton is most likely number one, but Carter for those that remember him still can't find a nice thing to say. Mostly though you go with the latest to hate the most -it's a whole lot easier to coach while on the bench. Not sure what they can brag about when they had both houses and the royal seat but now they know what needs to be done. +5
  • i'm sure there has been, though i'm unaware of who it might be at this time.

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