• Whaddabout women?! [booo! hissss! get 'im outta here!] ;-)
  • We are the biggest predator this planet has ever seen. We kill everything from insects, to animals to the whole damned planet. Are you kidding me? We were put on this earth to grow spirutally by having a physical body and learning how to feel an share and boy we have learned very little in all the time we have been here.
  • first of all, there can't ALWAYS be a bigger fish. . secondly, you can make a pretty strong that we do in fact have a predator feeding on us. that would be viruses and disease causing celled organisms. . humans are perfect single cell fodder.
  • We outgrew that predator/prey game a long time ago. We used to play it with lions and tigers and bears. [Oh, MY!!!] Now we're the top of the pile, with a responsibility to care for the planet and grow spiritually.
  • I think that humanity and all other life evolved on Earth because, at present, the theory of evolution has the most evidence of any other scientific theory. Now, as for your gentle gesture toward what I assume you intend to be interpreted as a hole in the theory, it is not necessary for a species to have a common predator. Take a look at any food web, and you'll see that there are always some animals that aren't commonly eaten by other animals. The difference with humans is that humans have ways of going beyond the food web (i.e. technology and culture). So, a food web for any particular ecosystem really cannot apply to humans.
  • Go to the Amazon or an African savanna and tell me we have no natural predators as you are being eaten by something. Lion, crocodile, Jaguar.....Go into the ocean with some Great Whites.
  • Does there have to be a reason why? We just did. If you head way back into our ancestry (like, a few million years) then we would have preyed upon various animals and others preyed on us. Our ancestors gradually became smarter - users of tools, then users of language and communication and so on to gain an upper hand. Nowadays, we have developed our society such that we control our environment to our advantage to a high degree. Remove the protection of our society and an individual human quickly becomes prey to any large carnivor.
  • Humans have many natural predators. We just created ways to protect ourselves from them.
  • I don't think it did evolve.
  • I have no doubt that there is some possibility that we might not have originated on earth, I think it's quite plausible we could have been seeded here by another race or something but it would seem to me that man has no predator because of his evolutionary superiority he rose to the top of the foodchain..but one does have to wonder, what is to become of man because of this? Most animals that rise to the top of the food chain eventually develop a natural predator to lower their numbers or they overpopulate and die through starvation, disease, etc etc.
  • Interesting question. I think humans forward past a predator pray relationship with other animals straight to one with their own species. Humans matching wits, predators and prey take on a new relationship as both as one in the same.
  • Many natural predators stalk humans. We just learned to work together do defend against them.
  • It evolved on earth because it had to in order to survive. We are part of the predator/prey food chain. We just like to think our dens (homes) are impervious. Really, it's just that there are easier prey for the predators to go after. If and when times get really tough due to environmental changes, etc. and we will get a clearer view of just how unspectacular we really are.
  • Humans are their own predators.
  • OH...YES...WE...DO! Lions, Tigers, allegators, sharks, bill collectors, IRS, etc.
  • Because absolutely no evidence exists to refute the obvious conclusion that they did. But, every critter with fangs, claws, and poison is a potential human predator. Humans gift is to figure out one way or another how to escape or neutralize the predator. Go swimming with great white sharks to see whether or not humans have predators.
  • All the answers have missed a crucial point: Natural selection is not just about surviving (getting enough to eat, running away from predators and so on), even though surviving is obviously very important. If an animal doesn't reproduce, all it's good genes for surviving die out! Reproduction is vitally important too, and this is where sexual selection comes into play. The slight difference in average height between males and females suggests that our male ancestors tended to have more than one wife. While in most animal species the males fight for the women, humans probably did something else too (altough I'm sure they occasionally beat each other up), they competed for status in 'social games' like story telling and such. The 'smartest' individuals had an advantage and got more women. Another important aspect is all the situations of social life. Once a certain treshold was reached, the evolution of human intelligence underwent a runaway process, a self-reinforcing proces, not unlike predator-prey relationships. Poeple had to maintain status in the group, and detect others who want to cheat.
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh my!
  • We are top of the Food chain. But if a single human was left/stranded in the wild would he then have predators. One of the main reasons humans are top dog is because of are numbers and we work together(altruism).
  • yes. So?
  • Quiet the contrary. Do the numbers. Humans have preyed on each other more than any species on the face of the earth.
  • Science is a funny thing. Scientists like to put things in separate boxes. They like to organize things to there liking. Entropy 1 : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system's disorder, that is a property of the system's state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system; broadly : the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system 2 a : the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity b : a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder 3 : chaos, disorganization, randomness Entropy is a Strong scientific belief base. How can a scientist, or anyone for that matter, believe in entropy and evolution at the same time. You can not put God in a box, no matter how hard you try.

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