• I think those are the things we are meant to learn from and that something good actually does come from it; but we don't know it until we look back after it's over.
  • It is actually the reason most people do the shitty things they do to others... That's what they tell themselves. It doesn't always... No. Sometimes people get hurt. Someties it effects children for the restof their lives. This is the favorite tune of the whore your husband cheats on your with.
  • Yes. But it may takes years to find out why exactly it happened.
  • Yes. I believe in at least for us, a seemingly unforseeable destiny. And hope is the driving force of destiny. Back when I was a kid, my spankings really hurt. They really paid off though. :)
  • no, i will never think that every thing i do is controlled by some divine force, i make my own way and will keep it that way.
  • No, sometimes things happen just because.
  • Depends on what happens. Like a shampoo bottle falling on the floor has no meaning. The death of someone, which is inevitable, is a big thing in life. You learn from people the decisions they make. It really isn't life to blame it is decisions made.
  • I don't think things "happen for a reason". What I do believe is that you reflect on what happened and learn from it. Some of the most valuable lessons in life are learned through by going through tough times.
  • Not even remotely. Things just happen, never for a particular reason. Sometimes they may work out, but its also possible that it will just bring pain. It all depends.
  • I don't really think that EVERYTHING happens for a reason but sometimes I think experiences and situations give us a lot of insight into other people. For example... I recently learned how judgemental or just plain cold and insensitive some people have been in regards to the death of Michael Jackson. Do I think that Michael Jackson's death served some great purpose or reason... no... It helped me see deeper inside some people I know and I don't necessarily like what I saw.
  • Yes i do absolutly
  • That's a difficult one. Some bad experiences may be a blessing in disguise, as you learn from them, become a stronger person and make wiser choices in the future. That is not always the case though.
  • Nice, sweet thoughts, but no. ;-)
  • It's up to the person to flip a bad experience into something good. People who just wait for something good to happen are crushed. If God exists, he respects fighters. I think that should be obvious to everyone by now. Look at nature. And animals. Survival of the fittest and all that.
  • Yes, I think everything happens for a reason, and that reason is God loves us, you and me and everyone else. He has to help us learn that love is the most important thing. Love is thinking more of the other person than your self. God is helping us learn, and the more we accept Him, the better and faster we learn.
  • yes I believe everything that happens has a reason. for better or worst
  • I used to think that. I also used to think that there were hidden messages in song lyrics trying to explain the universe to me. I was an idiot back then.

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