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  • You might be bored with your partner. You don't need to change your partner if you spice things up a bit (setting, time of day, etc0
  • I'm completely bored with watching sports but I'm not really looking to change it. Maybe that just isn't where your interest lie at this time, maybe this would be a good time to spent your efforts and time on other pursuits. Understand you have a choice of pills to pick from and lots of people would love to charge you to talk over your " little problem" if you believe it is and if not there are lots of other things to be done. +5
  • Give yourself a time limit. Say "I won't have sex or masturbate for a whole month." Focus on other hobbies, other things you love. I think that after that month is over, you will find that you have a bit more of a sex drive. Sometimes breaks help ;) +3
  • Buy a vibrator and see how that goes for you
  • Go down to the toy store and get yourself some toys and go from there.
  • Use the computer to research some "spice up you love life" ideas. There are tons of ideas that can help you get out of your "slump". Good Luck.

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