• That depends on the circumstances.
  • If you've got the room, let him or her in. However, get him / her to understand that if s/he has the means, that s/he should help out with as much as 25 percent of overall expenses since housing and adult is just as expensive as housing a child. If s/he can't manage because of a job loss, help your child until s/he can get back on his / her feet.
  • Before I considered it we'd have to write up and sign a plan for getting back on his or her feet and the steps to accomplish that in a certain time period, and then I'd hold them to it.
  • I'd set the rules, including a time limit, buying his own groceries, etc, but yeah, if necessary, I'd take him in.
  • Welcome.. I miss my kids even though they're grown men and women.. We live 1000 miles apart, but I live in a one room shed so...not a hell of a lot of room here. ;)
  • make them pay the rent
  • IF you have the room .... and ... don't Mind. IF they WORK and Pay RENT ; no less than $75 a WEEK ... IF they help around the house with cleaning , mowing grass, cutting shrubs etc ... taking out the trash. AND: if they give YOU the RESPECT that you, as their PARENT(s) deserve .... Be sure to set the RULES for overnight guest ; especially those of the opposite sex .. Then yes ... BUT; Put EVERYTHING in WRITTING as Family will be the First to screw you over ....
  • Move away in the middle of the night? ;-)
  • Being blessed with a child never ends, and if my child needed help in any way, I would jump at providing it, as I would with any of my friends and family.
  • put them to work around the house... there is not many jobs out there since machines do all the work these days.
  • Clean out his bedroom.
  • I would never turn my child away if he needed my help, just as I expect he would never turn me away if I needed his help. That is the purpose of family. You are there when/if you're needed..otherwise it's a big joke and phoney baloney..if family doesn't stick by you then what's the point? :)
  • I'm not old enough to have grown children,I know several people who were forced to do so due to the recession!
  • My door will always be open to my son. I would not charge him rent, rather I would make sure that what he would have spent for rent would go into a savings account so he can get back on his feet. I may ask him for the occasional favor around the house, but I would not assign him chores like an adolescent child. If he's coming back home it's because he needs help, not an ongoing condescending lecture. It's my house - my rules - my son is always welcome home.
  • not a problem...we would have it worked out orally .....its temporary and as long as respectful out monetarily and physically.....its no problem.....he has done it 3 times......been years ago....but all is well ......
  • My daughter is not that age yet, but if for any reason she wants to move back home one day when she is an adult. I will not hesitate taking her in. She is part of me and my house will always be her home
  • I would and have offered for my daughter when she hit some hard times. I would welcome her anytime she wanted to move back in home.
  • Make arrangements. It's not allowed under my current lease, but we would figure something out. My son has been a hard worker all his life, we get along and respect each others boundaries, and he values his independence enough to motivate himself to get his own place when he's able.
  • i dont have kids but it would depend on why they wanted to move back in with me

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