• yes!!!... we did way back when I was a kid and it was great fun ... I feel sorry for todays kids who are not allowed to be themselves and make up their own fun, todays kids are wrapped in cotton wool in almost everyway
  • Yes, yes, a thousand times, YES. I work with the little ones, they have amazing minds and imaginations. It is very good for them to create their own entertainment. It boosts their self confidence and nurtures their artistic capabilities.
  • Yes! If you don't learn how to entertain yourself in your childhood, you will spend your adult life in search of entertainment, when it could be right at your fingertips.
  • SOMETIMES? Back before we were kids, that's all they did. When we were kids (my generation) we started having more and more produced entertainment, but were REQUIRED to "go outside and play", where we had to generate our own "entertainment". Now, there's so much "entertainment" produced, that kids are starting to grow up without their own imaginations being started, far as I'm concerned. It doesn't "kick in" until they are adults in many. "SHOULD we ... let kids make their own entertainment?" Yes. As long as it doesn't involve hurting each other, other kids, adults, or animals, why not? AND, we may be more kids with real imaginations, not just copying things they've seen and heard.
  • Kids are either unnecessarily medicated/ smothered/sheltered by overwhelmed (though often well-intentioned) parents, or ignored and left to feel worthless/unaccountable (by parents caught in the rat-race), or somewhere inbetween. As many of the answers have stated: yes, for the love of Gosh, please let kids again. Remember climbing a tree, rolling in mud, playing with dolls/action figures(?); that's what kids DO. :)
  • Yes. It allows them to practice using their imagination.

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