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  • oh yes you can have as much as he does when you add this spice to a good recipe.
  • get something sexy but comfortable.... lace can be uncomfortable meaning you have to stop kissing, go in the other room to put it on.... then have him take it off as quick as you can. with something more basic of it you have the money silky... you can be wearing it for when ever, you can make a night of it rather than "ok, see how sexy, now help me get out of it quick!" with silk you might not even end up taking it off.
  • It depends if he's a lingerie type of man. If he doesn't care, he'd probably prefer you naked.
  • Go for it! I'm sure he will absolutely love it!!
  • Ohhh yeah! ...and buy some cuffs as well. : )
  • surprise him dont hold back just go for it
  • Yes go for it--add some music and soft lights (candles). men love to be surprised when you put forth the effort to let them know you want them.
  • Heck ya why not but why the bedroom.Sit on the couch and have some drinks with maybe a fire lit and when hes comfy go into the room and change make it a suprise.The bedroom is cool but its like planned sex.Make it a suprise and man do it living room or pick an odd place to make it more memorable.Why set the mood up to much be spontanious!
  • Of course!
  • jumping out of the closet and yelling really loud is always a good way to suprise him and it always gets a reaction
  • Crotchless edible underwear .
  • Oooooooh yea!!! :)
  • I really love the look and feel of the silky lingerie. You might want to give your guy some hints that your going to change into the lingerie or are wearing it under your clothes. Once I was in the kitchen of our apartment and my usually conservative g/f changed into this beautiful silk teddy and was waiting for me on the couch in the living room. She was reading a book trying to act nonchalant and I was so shocked I didn't know how to react. It was the first time she had done anything like that. It ended well but if you give your guy some hints something special is coming his way it might get him more excited. I think 95 to 99 percent of men would love it if their woman did this so yeah go for it.
  • I think that sexy lingerie that juuust covers the naughty bits is more exciting than just completely naked. I say go for it! Theres no way he won't like it :)
  • Mmmm hmmm!

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