• Its a more complex downloadable internet file.
  • Basicly its a program that lets you download large files off the net since emails have a small size limit (basicly it downloads the file in little chunks)
  • –noun 1. a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence. 2. a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream of anything: a torrent of lava. 3. a violent downpour of rain. 4. a violent, tumultuous, or overwhelming flow: a torrent of abuse. 5. A way for all to experiance the joys of files and software they would not be able to afford without a torrent.
  • A torrent is basically a file that holds all the information you need to download bits of files from other sources, peer to peer through a program. (names, sizes, where to download from and blah blah) Its basically downloading files with help... if that makes sense. Or at least that's what I know about torrents. ^^

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