• Complain to the manager.
  • I would talk to the manager. Did you specify the length that you wanted cut? I did once and received one of those 7-8 trims! I wasn't growing it out for my wedding so I didn't say anything; my hair was still waist-length afterward, which is why. But I never went there again.
  • I would talk to a lawyer.
  • I woulda done it the minute after it happened. ...but the most you can do now is talk to the manager, or head hairdresser...or whatever.
  • I'd "approach" him with a pair of his own shears! [ouch!] I've always had shoulder-length hair and I'd be uber-pissed! - ;-)
  • You know how when someone weights 400 lbs and they lose 20 lbs. in a week that it is hardly noticeable? When someone has hair down to their waist, 7 inches is a trim. It probably looks a lot better now. You needed a good trim. It will grow back and no one but you is counting those inches, your hair is still very, very long.
  • Yeah if it's bothering you that much, go in and talk to her about how unhappy you still are about it. I mean if the hairdresser dyed your hair, she could fix it but they cut it. So nut much can be done about it. Honestly your hair still sounds really long, so whatever up do you had in mind will still work, or look really healthy so dont think about it so negatively. I know how you feel though, I just got my mine trimmed and I wish I didn't.
  • How did you let them do that,what did you ask for,could you not see what they were doing ,or did the hairdresser have to take that much off because of the condition .It is my experience that sometimes we have to take off more than the client needs because of the hairs condition,it is a known fact with long hair that it does lose its condition,i.e.split ends ,which need to be addressed,but if this is the case then they should have advised you of this...what to do now....well whatever the outcome you have to make the most of what you have left
  • That's happened to me, but I couldnt complain, the guy did my hair for free, as he was a friend of my moms. But It grew out beautifully. sorry that this happened to you, I know it can be very frustrating.
  • Well if you had 7 inches of split/dead/ end he did exactly what you asked
  • PS - Seeking a lawyer's advice is not going to tie up the courts- unless there is a good reason ex- this hairdresser has many boo boos.
  • Get some friends together to hold him/her down and shave his/her head.
  • I'm so sorry to hear that! I've had a couple of bad cuts myself and unfortunately there's not much you can do except let it grow out. You can choose to not let it bother you though and focus on the joy of your coming ceremony. I know that it's hard to do but don't let something as trivial as hair bring you down, you will be beautiful and your wedding will go on without the extra length.

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