• phyco feeling.. hot and gonna pass out thing.
  • i think i had one once. was not sure what over, but i had sharp pains in my chest, i was hyperventerlating (spelling) and just started balling my eyes out. get all shakey and just downright horrible feeling of being squished
  • Shortness of breath, quickening of the heart beat, vision narrowing and sweaty skin and a real fealing of wanting to get away from where you are no matter what.Not nice and once you fall in to the trap of not ignoring it and controlling it, your life takes on a whole new meaning. apart from that, I have absolutly no idea.
  • I had one once in an Ikea store. You start hyperventilating, everything seems to close in around you and you want to scream and run out but you can't move. It's awful. Happy Monday!
  • You feel like you can't breathe,your palms get all sweaty, you feel like your going to go crazy and you want to run and get away from the feeling. I have panic attacks badly. It has taken over my life. I don't drive because of them, i don't go tanning (i don't like feeling inclosed), I don't like being in a car for longer then 30 minutes or I will freak out. Do you have panic attacks?
  • You panic.
  • Like a heart attack. I was around a person who said she was having a panic attack and it was scary for me. Please see a doctor to make sure. The last time I had something weird happen to me was when I was a teen-ager and my knees were so wobbly I had to sit down. Never happened again, but I'll never forget it.
  • I've had a few in the night whilst sleeping. It feels terrible. I thought i was going to die (seriously). You feel as if you can't breath and something is pushing down hard on your chest. i got medication and i havent had any ever since. good luck

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