• Actually, we are currently at 48 carry and 2 no carry. I didn't know that only 20 allowed carry in churches. I have always felt free to carry my gun in church but I don't advertise that to others. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. And yes, I would shoot someone that represented a threat to family and friends.
  • Funny you should ask. I just read an article today about a Kentucky Pastor having a 'Saturday night special' service for gun owners. He did ask parishioners to bring their weapons unloaded. But it made me wonder, if a shooter walked into a church and 100 p[parishioners opened fire, would there be less or more people dead than if a shooter opened fire in a church full of unarmed worshipers?
  • I notice that someone moderated this question to be placed under Hobbies/Guns. I originally placed it under Religion and I did that for a reason. This is not a question so much about guns as it is the concept of carrying guns in a place of worship and how worshipers feel about such a thing.
  • Most places of worship are open to the public, so you never know who will enter. I, therefore, would like to be able to protect myself and my family should someone threaten them with a weapon. However, I think any weapons should remain concealed unless such a situation arises. We want to keep Jesus as the focus of the worship services and not the presence of guns.
  • Guns do not belong in the Kingdom of God. We can not take on the Worlds standards. Live by the Sword die by the Sword.
  • I think that if a state has right-to-carry laws it should be up to the church to decide if guns are permitted inside just as private businesses do (with the probably exception of drinking establishments).
  • Citizens in the US have the right to protect themselves and their family. Why should it be restricted in public places including Churches?? I know members of our Church who are members of the law enforcement community and would feel better if they would carry their weapon in Church. I'm sure there are others very familiar with hand guns and who are licensed to carry concealed also. We are a open Church where anyone can come and go during services and a madman could gain access and raise havoc. I also am a handgun owner but would not feel comfortable carrying except in very unusual situations.
  • I didn't know that is where the numbers stood. Interesting. Although I'm not a Christian, I wonder why it would make a difference where you could carry your firearm? If it is allowed at the supermarket, it should be allowed in church.
  • I'd say its somewhat ass backwards but as long as the other people in the church are o.k. with it then whatever. I dont think they take their guns to church thinking they have to protect theirself, they just probably carry them everywhere. Then again, that doctor was shot in his church.
  • First of all I would live in one of 10 states that do not allow the carrying of guns at all and have the most strict rules on gun ownership.I don't think people should be allowed to carry guns in public,and for sure not into public buildings or churches.Why would anyone need a gun in a church?????
  • Im a member of the NRA, a christian, and proud of it. Im all infavor of carrying guns in public, put peticularly only if the person is trained on how to use the gun properly. Having a holstered gun can go along way to detering a would be criminal, but again, only if you know how to use the gun will it really do any good. so in general im ok with the practice, but id prefer the people who carry the guns to have gone through some training class.
  • I wouldnt mind...I dig the good guys having guns. If I was in a situation where a preditor arrived I would LOVE MY NEIGHBOR...or some "good guy" having a gun. Why take the guns away from the good guys?...the bad guys arnt gonna mind the NO GUN LAWS anywho.

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