• It could be worse, in the old times they would have killed you.
  • I don't think true Christians do this. I think it is the ones who feel they have something to prove and hate other religions. True Christians would not feel the need to be so reactive. Salaam
  • Probably because they don't like their religion being insulted or mocked. I, (an atheist,) saw a question asking if non-christians were scared of the wrath of god when we die? I felt like down-rating the person... but decided to answer with a strong solid 'no' (because I don't want my positive rating percentage to go down)
  • That's how they show their love. What else do you expect when the follow the lead of a guy who had his own son killed to show them his love?
  • Because some claim to be and then (few) are. "Christians"
  • How can you be sure who's downrating? I mean, how do you know that Christians go around downrating? I think some people just downrate out of boredom. With a 75% + ratings %, looks like you downrate a good bit yourself.
  • Because we dont like patronizing or anti-religious bull crap. AB allows the freedom to down rate for whatever reason the person desires, so why not use it?
  • Because they can, just as they can justify having done something for their Lord by downrating other users, when in reality they're just sitting on their butts on a website prosletyzing.
  • I agree with some of the people that said true christians don't downgrade anonymously. Only the cowards and fundamentalist types, not restricted to christianity, do that because they are usually inarticulate and can't have a thought that isn't written in the bible or expressed by their religious "leaders".
  • What I want to know is why do we get all these questions.. " the "christians" do this.. the christians do that.. OMG the CHRISTIANS!! well you may be suprised to hear, but guess what? were normal regular people just like yourself and you are being so prejudice toward one belief. you dont think that athiests, and hindus and muslims.. etc.. go around down-rating people too? If the worst a christian can do is downrate someone.. quite whining. its not like we go bomb people who dont believe the same as us.... like some religions do. id say were pretty peacefuul thank you very much
  • I believe it more like the other way around. As a Christian who expresses my beliefs I have been downrated on a frequent basis, as if that is going to stop me from stating what I believe.
  • Same reason why when people join AA and stop drinking... They all of a sudden consider everyone else an alcoholic and chastise them for doing what not so long ago they did themselves. Psychologically... It helps them to assimilate themselves to the religion. It has nothing to do with you. Don't take it personally.
  • I do not know if that is true or not. Personally, I either give out plus points or none at all. With love in Christ.

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