• I've lived on two boats. A camper wouldn't be much different, as long as you had access to utilities.
  • I have lived in pickup camper shells, slide-in cab over campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels and park models all except maybe 5 years total since 1976. I think I can live in a camper pretty well by now!
  • Certainly. Don't want to, but a family can live in a car if they have to. Some people live under bridges and in cardboard boxes. A camper would be a luxury! The door locks, there is a bed and a place to store and prepare food, heat and invaluable privacy.
  • Gotta have my shower and flush shi**er.
  • If it had electricity, running water, internet, and I owned the land it was on.. also if I had like.. a storm shelter/basement type thing, and if it had like two rooms.
  • Sure can! I did it for about 8 months a couple of years ago.... . . .
  • My wife and I lived in one for eight months on our property while we were building our house. I learned more about motor homes than I ever wanted to know.
  • Sure I've lived for 6-8 months in a small tent trailer back in the 70s and for 3 years in a large motorhome while we built our house just recently.
  • yeah i think i could.
  • My family will be living in a camper while we build our house. Not started yet but we have tried staying in it to get a feel for it. We have 5 kids so it will be interesting.

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