• Absolutely! Palestine is the biggest concentration camp in existence today. What the Jews are afraid of is losing their status as the self-appointed Chosen People and all the perks that come with that including but not limited to Holocust explotation and the 2.3 billion no-strings attached dollars from the US every year
  • It's sad that people who have suffered oppression so often find it easy to oppress others. They will explain how their suffering "can't be compared" to that of the group they wish to oppress. I don't think the Palestinians have suffered genocide yet, but they are suffering, and Israel should acknowledge that.
  • Close, the Jews have been avoiding the issue but sooner or later they will have to exterminate the Palestinians/Arabs or be exterminated themselves.
  • I don't think Holocaust describes the Palestinian situation correctly, but life definitely sucks for them. A hostile foreign power controls their land, water and livelihood, constantly infringes on their territory and bullies them.
  • No it's not true there are no death camps and if there were there would be no further problem man Obama is a disgrace to the USA.
  • I'd say that’s roughly fair. The Israelis may not be systematically murdering the Palestinians, but then the Holocaust didn’t last 50years as the camps in Palestine have.
  • Apples and oranges. The palestinian 'problem' is a self created one. The Muslim "brothers" prefer to be Drama Queens as opposed to actually helping the Palestinians. Have you ever encountered someone with Munchausen Syndrome? Same thing. How can defending yourself against an unreasoning enemy be considered wrong?
  • When I saw a film of an Israeli soldier beating an old unarmed man with the butt of his rifle, there was the same blank look in his eyes that I have seen in the eyes of nazi soldiers filmed torturing Jews. Brutality is brutality, and it can never be justified. The awful thing is that this is one lesson that human beings seem to be incapable of learning.
  • I say nuke em all and call it New Texas. HAHA
  • It's not hard to unsettle those who believe "God" drew territorial boundaries for the 21st Century.
  • well seems right for the camp but none get sent to have showers does the palestinain state show signs it want's to stop it interfaction wars?
  • i think Obama should keep HIS nose and opinions out of RELIGION altogether.he jumps the gun and stirs the pots with his stupidity.....he is too partial and his stupid opinions and equations of religious aspects are very biased and arrogantly ,self rightously endowed... the Jews should settle this among themselves....we should only try to keep as civil and fair as possible to keep them from murdering and killing each other... the Jewish nation has been at this throughout history,separated and fighting amongst themselves....over land and belief's ...and it will continue...same as in the days of the Pharisee's and Sadducee's... it always will be.... it comes no where near the circumstances or evil that was of the Holocaust... he is just a horrible evaluator ,equalizer....puts his foot in his mouth which he should keep least til he knows facts and even then he is too partial and empathetic to be a JUST/FAIR judger....
  • Your a sick SOB if you think that what the Jews went through equates to what the Palestinians went through
  • No it is not. To say so is to be ignorant of history. thats all im going to say.
  • Last I checked the Jews weren't firing rockets into German houses. They didn't kidnap German women and children and then publicly behead them. Is Israel over reacting? Maybe, maybe not. But I tell you what, you live there for 4 or 5 years where missile attacks, suicide bombers, riots, arson's, kidnappings and beheadings aren't uncommon and maybe your ability to make rational decision is a little off. +5
  • not in the least. Until this decade, Palestine has been the aggressor. slaughtering the Isrealis by 100's, deliberately targeting isreali elemtary school buses for the slaughters becasue the deaths of children hurt the Isrealis more than killing adults. Isreal if FINALLY fighting back! Yes, there are taking extreme measures against palestine, but they have no choice. they have tried EVERY optionfor peace, signed every treaty just to be betrayed/...again and again. Every moment of peace has ended with Palestine murdering a large amount of Isrealis for no damned reason. Tell me when the jews went into Germany and and raped, murdered and pillaged entire towns of Germany. It never happened! The jews were innocent victims, the Palestinians are getting their just due for years of brutal murder and attacks against babies.
  • That's absolutely correct. There isn't a day that I don't read about a bunch of settlers killing Palestinians or setting a house or two on fire and injuring the occupants or the IDF logging kids to jail where they subject them to child labor or women being forced to give labor while chained to a bed. The Zionists that are running Israel have truly turned into the Nazis of the 21st Century. One day, hopefully soon, the world will come knocking at their door to make them answer for their crimes against humanity. Check this out for a sampler:
  • No. It's almost a clever comparison, but it's not true that they are the same. It's true that the Israelis are controlling the Palestinians, but the Palestinians are certainly not just playing the part of helpless victims.
  • No not at all.If the Jews were really like Nazis, the Palistinians would all be dead long ago.Also, the Jews never attacked non-Jewish people in Europe.
  • mistake
  • Jews anywhere should be unsettled. There were 6 million jews and 6 million non-jews killed in the holocaust. If you imagine 12 million people on a planet with 6 billion people...think about it. Think about the town you live in...what was the last big news story involving a or 2 people were shot? Imagine if 1/50 of your town was murdered, and that happened in every town in the entire planet at once. THAT is the scale of the holocaust. If you live in a town of 100,000 people, then 2000 would be murdered for their race/religious affiliation. Nothing will ever compare to that.
  • THE WALL OF HATE watch this and any honset decent person would know the answer to your excellent question: 'The Wall of Hate' Video Film is an 8-minute film about the Separation Wall being built in the West Bank, Palestine.

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