• Alright.
  • Alright
  • Both the spellings are correct.It all depends on which part of the world you live in.Colour is right but the spell check gives the American version color as correct, so it depends!
  • both are correct
  • I agree both are right too - or all right, lol! The same goes for color or colour. When writing for a British client I use colour, and when writing for an American client I use color. What I do if I'm unsure of the spelling of a word,is I use a similar word instead. All right could be replaced with: okay, adequate, fine, no problem, etc etc.
  • The extract, below, from a website, is not the only thing interesting that is said there about the spelling. Two textbooks (McDougal; Littell (co. 1985) and Prentice Hall (co. 1987) ) explicitly state 'Alright' is not standard English, and therefore is to be avoided in formal writing.
  • I think "all right" is actually CORRECT, but "alright" is becoming a word. Like "woah" and "whoa." Both spellings are acceptable and considered correst.

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