• Yep worked at a bank part-time and also an internship my senior year. Needless to say I had no life =(
  • Yes. I had to. I had no choice.
  • i put my ex husband thru college - then divorced him - didnt ask for any alimony either -
  • No. Being a design student is like having a full-time job. I have worked in the summer, though, but that was last summer. Now i am in summer school.
  • Sure did. Didn't have to, but thought I should.
  • I was only in college 3 months, getting a certification. Did not work during that time. My son is in college and the Lord blessed him with a job at the college, he's worked there since he started college. Has made it convenient for him, he gets out of school, takes the elevator to the next floor and goes to work (works in the IT dept. In college Electronic Computer Tech.) And Praises to the Lord, my son graduates this Friday night.
  • I worked every summer but I didn't work during the school year until I was a senior in college.
  • Zack..little Devil just got married, go onto my questions!!
  • I worked full time while going to college. I then got my degree and put my wife through college. Actually I got two degrees....
  • I dropped out of high school, took an industrial first aid course, then went to work as the industrial first aid attendant on oil drilling rigs ... since I was being paid just to standby, doing nothing, while waiting for injuries to occur, I was able to take many courses by correspondence over an 11 year period ... I got my high school equivalency, then 5 university science degrees, including a Ph.D. in math.
  • I did manage to work through the college work study program when I went. I worked in the billing office with spreadsheets and such.
  • yeah, worked and earned while I studied.
  • No in ireland if your over 23 you get paid to go back to collage
  • Yes, I did. Full-time.
  • Yep...technically I was working a part time job, but because I let my boss know I was available for ANY extra hours to pay for my school (and my pregnant wife), I worked anywhere from 60-80 hours a week. Plus I worked at leat 2 to 3 odd jobs a week as well. And that was carrying about 17 semester credit hours. When I later joined the Navy, I used to get p*ssed off at people who were paid to sit in class and study...ESPECIALLY if they had to put in any extra hours after school was out! Ohhhhhhhhh....40 dedicated hours or so of classes and study time a week! And then have to put in a few extra hours on top of that if your grades weren't doing well! All that PLUS you got paid twice a week to do it since you were active duty in the Navy! After carrying on like I had before I joined, I had absolutely NO sympathy for those idiots.
  • I had too,unfortunately.
  • Yes, I'm a college student and I work.
  • You could say that college was my work. The Navy sent me with the threat of going to sea and washing dishes for six years if I failed. Graduated but no commission for other reasons.
  • I did, full time. I think I slept 3 hours a night. I had a full time job, full time school and a family. I don't think I could do that again!
  • yes i worked full time and went to school full time - it was tough!
  • I worked full time while attending college full time. I burned myself out in 3 years.
  • Nope, I wanted to concentrate 100% on my courses
  • i do work currently while going to college
  • Yes I went to school f/t had a f/t and a p/t job. It was very stressful but it taught me how to perfect my time management skills.
  • Part of my apprenticeship was I had to go to college 1 day a week. So in my case I went to college whilst working

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