• Not necessarily the government but someone should..some places have waiting list of up to 25 years to get low income housing (CA) and most places at least a year and if you need handicapped accessible it's almost impossible to find. The problem is the services in place now do not apply for single low income people unless you are female. Males are screwed in most cases. Some places are tearing down low income apartments because they don't want "poor people" in their neighborhoods..then you have all these poor people having to live in drug neighborhoods and unsafe places. It's a shame that in this country people are like that but we need a lot more of them for low income people.
  • No, but I think we should have more contractors with principles building sturdy, simple housing that poor people can afford. I'd love to be able to build old-fashioned row houses out of tilt up concrete with very few amenities and very little ground that were affordable for people making minimum wage. I'd like to build something that would withstand any storm, was easy to heat and cool, and was within walking distance of everything you needed so that you didn't need a car. Something just like the area where I grew up. Homes like these, if they were zoned so that you could have a beauty parlor, barbershop, small grocery, pub or what have you in the first floor, could change the lives of low income families. If you could walk down the street to get groceries or a hair cut and walk downstairs to work, you wouldn't need so much money to get by. It would put homeownership in reach for many people for whom it is a pipe dream now.
  • It'll encourage them to relax and breed, and the point of stratification and evolution is to encourage the weak to die off or fight their way up the ladder. So no, but they should legalize suicide and voluntary organ selling.
  • yes,everybody deserves a place to live.(we're all human beings)
  • nope. 2 reasons. First that most of the tenants do destroy the property where the landlord cannot fix or repair any of damage. Hence the poor housing environment. Along with city buildings codes it takes months to get anybody to approve any repairs /damage. Say the housing is destroy by the tenant the landlord bank can go after them through the courts and police. but the tenant has more rights than the Landlord and banks where the former tenant gets off Scott free. Hence the decline in property value. Which leads to higher taxes to cover the lost of the taxes of the higher property values. 2. Poor distrusting of the funds. An example is with section 8 the renter receives the funds form the Federal government to pay their rent , but many DO NOT pay the Landlord and they are evicted.( the section folks usually waste the funds on drugs, sex, booze, video games and designers clothes.)which leads to all kinds of problems that goverment cannot do anything about. so IF THE GOVERMENT CAN FIX THOSE PROBLEMS and enforce the laws THEN MAYBE THERE CAN BE BETTER PUBLIC HOUSING.
  • Yes in the US you have plenty of room. They are talking about building another 300,000 homes the Eastern Area of England, we will soon be able to walk over the rooftops.
  • Why doesn't Hollywood take up the issue and each actor give money to a common account that is used to build low income housing! Then the government can leave the average American alone. The government has no right to take money from working Americans and give it to anyone else domestic or foreign. Rely on Private Charitable Organizations.
  • Why should the government have to baby sit everybody? Why can't people be strong and resourceful like they used to be and take care of themselves. Work hard, make the right choices in life and you too, can afford a home of your own, with out being babysat. On the other hand you can work just the average 40 hours a week or less, spend your money on stuff you don't need like beer, cigarettes, buying things you can't really afford and living beyond your means, and keep living in a dump of a rental. It's all your choice in life. My mother was a low income, single parent but she never once stooped to welfare or waiting for other government hand outs, she worked her ass off.

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