• thats what they want us to believe. but honestly it's nothing.
  • latley, free critical thinking
  • The government is to protect us from all enemies--both foreign and domestic. That is supposed to be the major purpose of government. Unfortunately, every day that goes by, they try to control more and more of our lives. Government was not constitutionally established to run and control our lives, nor to federalize us in so many states issues.
  • The government protects us from our own free will and successfully insulates us from much of the money we earn via a huge list of taxes and fees.
  • the job of the government isn't directly protection, however the thing that it protects you from is people stealing your land and possessions, people breaking business contracts, supposedly protects you from foreign nations invading, protects you from people driving however the hell they want ( yeah I know they already do, but think how it would be with no traffic signs or lights, or repaired roads, or just plain roads), protects your constitutional rights, they protect your ability to acutely use a court system to defend yourself against false accusations, protects you from the harm of others, and protects you from complete anarchism. And that is really just a minor example. Sure some of these things get violated, but the government prevents most of these things from happening on a day to day basis. Most people think that the government is it's own entity in reality it's made up of individual people who collectively make decisions. The actual attitude of the government is made up of their personalities.
  • This administration....will protect us from prosperity.
  • Democracy is a when 51% of people take away rights and liberties of other 49%. Government, prevents people (from 49% category) to take away rights of people (belonging to 51 % category).
  • They fund scientific studies on Tadpoles for years in case we are ever attacked by Tadpoles.
  • Aliens
  • The truth.
  • It most certaintly does not protect you from them. We must protect ourselfs, the goverment exsists to serve us the citizens.
  • Mostly each other.
  • Nothing quite as evil or frightening as itself.
  • I agree with the undemocrat. It protects us from the truth
  • The Truth? is that right and if so what do I win?
  • They THINK they can protect us from ourselves. In truth, we need protection from gov't!
  • Ourselves!
  • Clearly we need an organized society (how it is to be organized is still being worked on) otherwise we have chaos. The social contract we make with our government is, for better or for worse, vastly more favorable than than a lawless world.
  • Government protects us from many things. Obviously, national defense is one major one. Emergency response is another. But there are tons of things we seldom think about, but would sorely miss if they went undone. The CDC monitors infectious disease and works to head off the damage of pandemics. The FDA inspects our food and medicines. We're seeing the results of the drive to privatize right now. Over 90% of the FDA's inspectors have been let go over the past 3 decades. They were replaced by private contractors hired by big agra-business, and the recent wave of food borne illnesses is the predictable result. I know the right-wingers here will go nuts just seeing the source of this article on the subject, but the points it makes stand on their own.
  • All their dirty little deeds, and agenda's.

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