• For self defence, I take my Glock 9mm. I find it best as it is most accurate and has a good size clip for many rounds of ammo.
  • a tank
  • A Smith & Wesson
  • Obeying the inverse square law!
  • If you are talking about a form of martial arts that is purely defensive, you would want to take aikido. I believe nearly the entire discipline is defensive.
  • Maybe I should be an online tough guy and say gun like everyone else. Then again that doesn't answer the question at all and I believe that is the point of answerbag. Krav maga is a very versatile style that incorporates all of the skills you would need to defend yourself. However, it is much easier to find a dojo that practices Hapkido, which is another great discipline.
  • Prayer for guidance! Jesus Christ! There are many self defense to learn. It's up to the way your combinations and experience would go when on a critical situation. For me, sparring is not enough. I can only prove to myself that I already learned good when I stepped on that real frantic moment successfully (doesn't matter when you're wounded but ALIVE). Amen!

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