• Because anyone who disagrees with them is of the devil, and needs to be treated accordingly. Anyone who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.
  • Plus 5 anti troll points on that one. I've known my share of Christians who fit that hater description, but in all fairness to the religion, the question paints with too broad a brush. There are Christians like Mother Theresa as well who dedicated their entire lives to the service of others.
  • As a Chritian myself I have to say that I have never hated and probably never will, I dont seem to have this emotion in me, bt I have to admit that I do like the devil in me too ;)
  • Not all christians are like that.
  • The bible is clear about both judging and hating. with whatever measure we judge others, God will judge us also, and we're even supposed to love our enemies. God loves gay people, so why would I have to hate them to serve Him? It's nonsense. Yelling at others about how bad they are helps them believe they are themselves good, and to ignore their own problems. And some who HAVE reached the point where I would call them good are so proud at their goodness they feel the need to show it off to others, or perhaps they feel so good that now they have the duty to help other become this good. If only they realized being good is not at all the primairy focus of a christian they wouldn't make that mistake.
  • i think were all haters. one way or the other
  • I don't think they are actually. Certainly not all of them either. It's more a human condition that will afflict people regardless of the god they believe in - then they'll use that god to justify the nastiness.
  • That's completely false,that's just some other haters that claim that they are Christians but there not. These haters are just trying to set a bad example for us.I as a Christian don't act that way and If you ever meet some friends that are "real" Christians,you will find out easily that they are real nice people that will be there for you when you need them. Peace and Love =)
  • not all..just most
  • good question. your point is valid. word to your mother.
  • I'm so sorry that someone who claims to be a christian has hurt you. What someone claims to be - or even believes themself to be - is not always what they are. A TRUE Christian loves. Loves God. Loves others. Is good to those who persecute them. Loves his enemies. But God works in the hearts of his followers and helps them become more Christ-like as they turn to Him. Everyone sins. Becoming a Christian doesn't suddenly miraculously stop that person from sinning, from screwing up, from making mistakes....what it does do is provide a means for forgiveness of those sins and salvation from the penalty (punishment/consequences) of those sins. Hopefully, those who have claimed to be christians and hurt you and became a stumbling block to your possible faith, have repented and are being changed by the grace of God into true servants of their Lord. Love and peace in Christ to you.

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