• I have to agree with you on this one.What an ugly thing,this has become.Sadly,these parents actually think that they are doing their kids justice,but they are not.The whole,Kids raise themselves mentality is poisoning these children's developement.The concious,for one,the knowing of right from wrong seems to be severly lacking for these poor children,who,as we well know,Grow up into adults who will probably do the same.Very,very sad.:(*
  • Instead of the customer always being right it will be a case of the kids always being right even when they are very wrong.
  • I do notice that grandparents are doing a lot of the "parenting" nowadays. Probably not what they planned. But, they were the ones who were supposed to teach the values and responsibilities.
  • oh it will be non parenting all the way!, why would they have to worry about doing any parenting at all when there are more than enough dogooders and shrinks and child so called experts who will do it all for them and with the " I don't have to take responsibility " attitude and its " always someone else's fault " mentality, there is nothing that is going to compel them to change their minds
  • The whole shift into new type of parenting would throw up newer ways of doing the same old stuff. In olden times we had joint families where everyone took care of the others children,later it came to single family unit and now there are single parents.This world will survive and the old timers will always crib about the new generation.As a child my mother took care of the house, in my time I did and in my sons times something else will happen.We have to accept the new things also.
  • I have been told Mrs Hitler was a bit too permissive. She let her beloved Adolf acting as a would-be painter and a would-be artist. As a result, Adolf was a bit "all about me". Unable to do anything of his own and always pretending it was others'fault if things went wrong. He was an obvious case of non-parenting and enough full of hatred for kids to always trying to send all of them to death. But I have also been told Hitler's father was a bit an authoritarian type parent and he heavily weighed on his son's mindset. What can I say as a conclusion? Murphy was right. If there is an opportunity for something bad to happen, it certainly will.
  • In parenting there is a happy medium between being being permissive and being a helicopter parent. Allowing a child to do anything without correction does not give them a good idea of the social contract in the real world. At the same time if you do not give a child the chance to make mistakes or stifle their understanding of the world by sheltering them then you also fail in your primary duty as a parent. If you want to raise sheep you shelter them like sheep and if you want to raise criminals you let them do what they will, but to teach a child to be an intelligent, free-thinking, and ethical adult you need a bit of both. You never know what kind of parent a person will be until they are one. Having a child should fundamentally change your life and your worldview, sadly it doesn't work that way. Some people may have kids but they are never parents. It's easy to say there is a cycle of neglect or pattern of repression, but people are shaped by things other than parenting. Hopefully some of these children will be able to temper the way they were raised with lessons hard-learned.
  • I truely hope that this generation will learn from their parents what not to do. Many were raised in 2 parent working homes and, it's my opinion, that the children do not benefit. Higher incomes do not mean happier or more well adjusted children.
  • they were given a permission slip not to parent... but I am still confused by the question because it does not offer many options. I have q's like this too... they belong in the this or this category.
  • That's already happening. There are plenty of people that would rather be their child's 'friend' instead of the 'bad guy'. Also, there are some that don't believe in disciplining their children at all. Even in the stores you can see this, they'll let their children take and eat food, play with and break toys, and not once tell the child "put that back" or anything even remotely acknowledging they have any responsibility for the child's actions at all.
  • Sometimes pendulums swing. I became permissive because I was raised in *much* too strict an environment, and I was determined not to stifle my children's basic personalities the way mine was. So I went too far the other direction and gave my children too much freedom too soon. They, however, seem to have found a medium. They don't take any crap off their children, but they also let them be themselves.
  • There are very stark differences between how my s/o raise or kids. It tends to cause problems between us. I'm far more permissive than she is. She's pretty strict. In my view a person won't grow and learn unless given the space to do so. A disciplinarian only sets a child up to rebel and make bigger mistakes. I give my children the space to become what they wish but give them the support and advice they need to make the right decisions and mature responsibly. There's always a limit to how much freedom you should give them but, at the same time, being overbearing stifles growth.
  • If you look at the generation bringing, or about to bring, babies into the world right now their parent's approaches to parenting were not homogenous. They were not all the product of permissive parenting, and do not all have an 'all about me' attitude. This I believe will be echoed in their parenting styles. There is not a distinctly different style of parenting for each generation, so the children they raise will be equally different with their own parenting styles - influenced by, or reacting to their parents' different styles. Some will be more laid back, some will be more strict, some will be terrible non-parents depending not only on their own experiences, but their situation and environment.
  • thanks y'all did a great job with us, hehe
  • We were always our kids parents and not their friends. They tend to not like that approach and wonder why we don't give in like their friends parents do. My kids also believe they know everything...that attitude will come back to haunt them when they ask us for advice when raising their own kids...What, you need advice? We thought you knew it all. What happened... did you forget? lol When their time comes, the kids will be parenting and not friending.
  • I can see the school systems eventually accepting papers written in "texting language" because the darling little cherubs are unable to use correct grammar. Eventually, short hand (IM, text etc.) could be TAUGHT in school because that would accommodate little Johnny's "LD" (i.e. refusal to to use anything other than text language). :)
  • It's hard to say. If the kids are disgusted with parents who don't have a clue about anything they could go in the exact opposite direction..which would be a good thing. I guess we shall have to wait and see what happens! Happy Wednesday! :)
  • This is the same non-issue it was in the 1820s and it was in the 1920s then the 1940s, 50's, 60's and so on. Every generation seems to think they were far superior to the next while the younger generation rebels at the older. I grew up in the 1960s and you would have thought the world was coming to an end, but strangely it didn't. We grew up, became adults, raised our kids and now they are raising their own kids. The world changes every day and to think we can remain static is not just stupid it's also impossible. People adapt and always have. There will always be a certain amount of irresponsible parentage and a certain amount of traditionalists who think all change is bad, but the thing about change is that it doesn't and never has paid one bit of attention to those who think it shouldn't happen. Change WILL happen irrespective of what you or I or anyone else might want.

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