• Anyone????
  • Only a certified piercer should pierce.. and it doesn't hurt as bad that you would need it to be numb. Pain before beauty; that's the way I see it.
  • I don't think a doc will do it but it is not the piercing it that hurts, it is later on when it is sore. The piercing is easy and quick if you get a pro to do it. I have had a lot of piercings. Eyebrow is one of the easier and less painful ones. Don't try doing it yourself. Thats just not something you play around with you know. :o) Good luck and hope this helps!
  • A doctor could do a piercing (would at least be capable of), provided they have the materials, but many wouldn't. And a doc who's never pierced anyone isn't a better choice than an experienced professional piercer. Pros specialize, and the best ones often will know more about piercing that your average GP. In the UK many will numb you, in the US most will not. It's as AK said, the piercing doesn't hurt as much as afterward and during early healing. To me, numbing isn't necessary for a procedure that's over so quickly.
  • if you have to have it numbed, you have no business getting it pierced!
  • To have it numbed effectivly the Dr would inject local anaesetic to the area, this would hurt more that the actual piercing. Sometime you need several injections of local. Be brave and bite the bullet or like BROADWAYTHECAT said maybe piercing is not for you!! Goodluck.
  • i dont think most places would numb it. but it really doesnt hurt alot, the pain is only for a little while too.
  • hahaha sorry your question made me laugh :-) no a piercer will have 2 pierce it for you and yes they will numb the area (9 places out of 10 do. the good 1s that is!) its the after mathe (3-6 monrhs) thats the painful and irratable bit but as long as you clean it and take proper care youll b fine lol
  • ok, if you are being a baby about the pain of a piercing....WHY ARE YOU THINKING OF GETTING IT DONE? Take a week; think about why you want to do this, then take another week and think of how important is it for you to do this that you have to ask about numbinb possible pain. It's permanent body art for a reason; it fucking hurts and is not for the faint-hearted. It's better to be original and unpierced, than being a pierced poseur. I'm pierced (nose, navel, ears, that's it) and I never thought about the pain; it's a given.
  • No,they wont numb it, no a doctor wont do it.That stuff just hurts, if you cant take the pain you dont need to have it done.
  • you should only have a professional pierce anything on your body! i have my friend pierce my belly button it didnt turn out so well :( and if u want ice ur eyebrow b4 u do it. that should help and a doctor can not do it, they dont have the authority or skill to

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