• hasnt effected me, besides the fact when I was younger I got probation by 13...and in juvy at 15. But it wasnt just was other things too. But besides has only made me lazy, but such as in hasnt effected me non. But then again...I dont smoke anymore.
  • hahaha reggie mantle in archie comics was awesome! huh wat was deh kweshun? jk yeah i forget everything!!! and when I smoke weed things trip me out like once for 10 minutes I thought a piece of dust was a spider and Iwas trying to get my bf to kill it...
  • I was 16 years old when I smoked pot, and after a year of off and on getting high I came to realize I had changed and no longer cared about my life, where I was going or what I was doing, I really didnt have friends, the friends that I had were only interested in pot if I had it, and they started stealing it; so I quit and lost all those friends and gained new ones, better friends; Ive never missed it; biggest mistake waste of time in my life smoking pot.
  • Wait a minute. Did you just call weed, reggie? LMAO. That's a new one and I think it works well.
  • I got two of my three degrees when i was smoking an ounce a week--it does mind you, make you give up on life but no loss there as the majority of life is buying crap we don't need--also it makes you wank like a
    • Nosmo King
  • Made me calmer...
    • Urban Spaceman
      Did it make your Karma?
  • Who the heck is Reggie?
    • Urban Spaceman
      Elton John.
  • I started calling Carnaby Street "Cannabis Street".
  • I don't smoke weed.
  • I don't smoke weed.

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