• It's because they haven't seen "the rise of machines",yet.I'll be back.
  • Because men run countries more often than women do.
  • Queen Elizabeth I would not be amused! But most societies are paternalistic, so it really shouldn't be a surprise.
  • Um, because the rulers of most countries are men.Duh
  • If by 'men' you mean males: Our physique lends itself to violence. That is to say we are better built in terms of raw physical toughness. Stick the toughest man against the toughest woman and the man wins, hands down. That is why the Olympics keeps them separate.
  • Margaret Thatcher was a woman who enjoyed the use of war immediately. Like stated, it is only because the men are ruling more often that it seems men commit by majority. Joan of Arc is someone famous too.
  • That only appears to be so, its not because of gender, its about power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  • Because men are the ones who have had the greater share of power - and wars are launched by a person in power and fought by the armies - which are also mostly comprised of men since women have often not been seen as suitable for armies for various reasons.
  • Because men rule the majority of countries. If women ruled, there would be wars also. It's not a gender thing, it is a human nature thing.
  • 1 - They were (and still are) in control of the countries therefore having the decision to go to war. 2 - Men and not women were used for the fighting in armies because of the physical differences. In more recent years the administration/health areas of armies has beeen divided between genders. 3 - They like fighting??
  • When do a search on "women who wage war" I find a lot of entries that describe the role of women starting and engaging in war. Here is one example "Some women were actively engaged in the armed conflict of Bafanji‐Balikumbat, Cameroon,Africa over the past 10 years. They took up arms, especially spears with poisoned heads, and killed as many opposing forces as possible. Some of the worst instances of violence, burning and looting were perpetrated by women. This contradicts the view that men make war whereas women make peace."
  • Because, as we all know: "Men bad; woman good"?! ;-)
  • I don't think deer have wars, if that's what you're askin' yo...
  • I belive that the historical record will prove so,but then women did not have policy rights until recently so those facts may not be relevant for this leading question.
  • Men are responsible for war because, more often then not, they are in positions of power. But women in power have been more than willing to use violence to get their way throughout history. You can't pin war only on men. I suspect you're rather sexist.

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