• because we live in a society where people only care about themselves most of the time. They are sure that the waitress "makes a killing" so why should they tip a lot.
  • Maybe they didnt feel the service was good enough to justify a tip
  • yes if the service was good
  • I tip 20%. You have to be a really bad waitress to get less from me. I have never done that type of work before, but I have seen them take a lot of crap from people and I feel for them. Also, I NEVER send back food!!! I see people get irate and really give it to the waitress and make a scene. I just sit their silently and smile knowing that it has been wiped across someones butt in the kitchen, and then they gobble it down.
  • I understand that in America the tips waiters receive are used to bring their wage up to a minimal standard. So there it is vital to tip. In other countries, the waiters normally get paid a living wage, and tips are a little 'extra' to thank them for good service.
  • I always tip when service is good, sometimes when it's bad. If I'm strapped for cash I won't tip for bad service. I know it's socially "expected" to tip 15-20% but call me old fashioned, or a jerk, but I feel tips should be earned. I was a waitress for a short time, so I know it's not that hard to remember the drinks, the condiments, special requests and not be an ass***e.
  • reseviour Dogs anyone? =]
  • I understand your position - but by the same token (on the other side of the coin), there should be a dedication on the part of the waitress to provide the best customer service possible. If she is having a bad day - either stay home, or leave the problems home - don't bring the problems to work and display a coldness and/or a serious face when you come to the table - look at the guests directly, greet them warmly, and make them feel like it is worth their while to come there and eat out when they could be eating for 1/10th the cost at home. I rarely leave no tip - but I'll tip very little for lack of customer service, and tip extra when I'm made to feel great!!
  • I usually tip well. I give %30 or so.
  • I tip. But if they are really crappy, and roll there eyes...are rude, or just give me really crappy service all togather. I dont leave anything. If they cant do there job..........then they should find another one. If they are just a waitress who does there job....then ill give em 15%....but if they are REALLY REALLY good....i make it worth their while. + a little. But not all of them deserve a nice fat tip. If they realized this, some of their attitudes would change.
  • I'm assuming your are in the US, which has a slightly different system to the one we use, where tipping is for good service, so maybe some of those who don't tip were unhappy with the sevice they received.
  • I understand what you are saying. i waitressed too. However I do not agree with the 15 to 20% tip. God asks for only 10% and I refuse to give someone a higher percentage then i give my lord. 10% is the best tipping percentage. Asking for anymore then that is just selfish and isnt practical cause you got to think about the people eating. maybe they cant afford to tip as well as others.
  • The question should be "Why do restaurant's owners feel it's ok to make patrons pay directly to their waitresses their salary?". Tip should only be for good service and certainly not 20%. If people who can can't afford a tip of 20% stayed home like some people suggest it restaurants would lose a lot of patrons... If you think your salary is too low or if you feel bad for waitresses you would do better by starting a petition for better salaries or fight for your right to a decent salary. Would you accept to go to Walmart, pay for your groceries, then pay the cashier his/her salary because Walmart would have decided to make more money and lower employees' wages? I wouldn't.
  • I completely agree, as long as the service is decent. It's a shame servers are paid such low wages! I usually tip about 20%, unless the server has been really terrible; I'm pretty forgiving for small glitches, though!
  • I live in the UK and the common practice here is to tip 10%. I always usually tip but I don't feel any obligation to, and if I was low on cash then I wouldn't. It is not the customer's responsibility to pay your wages, it is your employer's. As far as I know it is illegal to pay someone less than minimum wage anyway... That's why it's called the MINIMUM wage, because it's the least anyone is legally allowed to pay you. Take it up with your boss. Oh, and +3. =P
  • 5-20-2017 Because the restaurant ought to pay the staff a fair wage so the customer knows exactly what the charge will be. The only reason wait staff are paid so low is that the boss assumes the customers are going to tip. So your tip actually goes to the owner, not the wait staff. It is mostly only Americans that play this stupid game. Visitors from other countries deeply resent it.
  • Wow, this was a real eye opener! I was only paid $2.13 an hour when minimum wage was over twice that! The law says if you don't make minimum wage for your weekly average the employer is supposed to compensate you. I always averaged more than minimum wage for the week . Although some days I didn't. If I don't have money for a tip, I eat elsewhere.
  • It;s only a "tip" and not an entitlement. I always tip and lavishly if the person is attentive. People have their own reasons to tip or not to.

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