• Paris Hilton? It's all shes ever done isn't it?
  • Sylvester Stallone. He did one and I think Sly bought the movie rights so he can throw it away.
  • No. A few minor "actresses" have crossed over with limited success. Forever branded is the one who participates in that medium. Paris Hilton is a joke and was never truly a professional porn star, therefore I do not even consider her in the equation. She's just a spoiled, entitled, empty-headed slut, IMO.
  • Porn Stars are big in their own right.
  • Not really major stars, but Tracy Lords and Ron Jeremy have both had a couple of decent mainstream roles. They're both actually decent actors.
  • When you look at most of the movies out there, most of the "stars" have ended up making porn AFTER they get famous. Check out Halle Berry in Monsters Ball. Tell me why she had to thrash around with Billy Bob naked on the living room floor with him massaging her naked tits? Was this cinematic art? I don't care about nudity and such, but its really just to sell the ticket and to me that was majorly offensive. I could go on forever. There is little difference these days between "art" and "smut". Did you see Al Pacino in Cruising? They don't mention that one when they celebrate his great acting career!
  • not that i know of
  • I'd guess yes!

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