• well, if it's a typical wedding and still formal, then you should wear something formal. generally speaking, it is better to overdress than the other way around. oh, and i wouldn't wear heels if there is a lawn involved. that could be tricky...
    • Mircat
      Wedge or square heeled shoes are good for grass
  • Just go ahead and wear white. My wife tells me she gets alot of attention and people get excited when she wears white. Also it's a good idea to leave the cake alone. Getting a piece and then stuffing it with napkins isn't a very good idea.
    • Mircat
      ONLY the bride wears white. Its rude to wear all white to a wedding.
  • daytime
  • i'm having the same issues at the moment! 2 weddings, 2 weekends in a row. both day time and outdoors. people keep suggesting knee lengths dress in pretty pastel colours. but yeah, i think it depends on a lot of things like what season it is where you are, what age you are, etc... and as much as i would love to wear white (all the nice dresses i find are white!) ...i can't bring myself to do it.
  • It depends on the location and the time of year. If you know the bride or groom well enough, you will have some idea of how formal it will be. Men can get away with khaki's and a nice button down or sweater or dress slacks with a shirt and tie. Women can wear a skirt and blouse, slacks and blouse, a sweater set or other coordinated outfit including a suit. Knee length sheath dresses with a light jacket or cardigan are great. If you choose to wear a long skirt, make sure it is not formal. It should be a loose, flowing shape in daytime fabric and keep it simple up top. Do not wear white. It is taboo and rude (you will be competing with the bride). Avoid anything with sequins and avoid evening fabrics including satin and velvet. Denim is only suitable if the wedding is a western theme. These guides may help you.;jsessionid=AG5CSTEL5HNKPWCKUUXCHPWYJKSS0JO0?type=content&id=channel1657&catid=cat456&navLevel=3
  • Recently I was at a casual afternoon wedding outside and I wore black slacks and a burgundy twinset, with nice jewelry. I am in an evening wedding in two weeks and I'm wearing a black dress. If I had a middle of the day wedding and it was inside, I'd wear a nice dress, although I personally hate pastels, so it'd be a dark color like navy or green. I'm pretty practical though - if I'm buying something new, I'll make sure it's something I can use again, like a suit dress or something like that. :)
  • Are you the bride?
  • No white unless you are the bride. Always remember the old saying: "better overdressed than underdressed" or else you will end up feeling uncomfortable (or making your partner feel uncomfortable) and regreting not making an effort. Keep in ming that pictures will be taken, meaning your image will remain long after the wedding is over PLUS you should wear daylight/flashes-proof underwear. Keep details simple and fresh: - Fabric --> Should you opt for a shiny one -like satin- use it in only one of the pieces otherwise it will be too much. - Makeup --> lipgloss or a natural shade of lipstick, no overpowering eyeshadow or blush either. - Jewels --> subtle if you wear some shiny fabric. Otherwise, upgrade your conservative look with your choice of jewelry, for instance a distinctive necklace OR earrings...only ONE of them at the same time. - Hair --> try a ponytail, there are different styles that flatter all ages - Shoes --> wear them to compensate your ensamble: if you wear a muted fabric, try shiny shoes. Ditch stilletos this time. If you are not blessed with the gift of height, choose wedges. - Handbag --> same as shoes, use it to compensate and keep it in proportion. - Unexpected details --> think of a flower in your hair or your that doesn't stain and will endure the whole event, of course. Lastly: remember that it's a wedding....a special you care!!!!!
  • probably whatever you want

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