• No...quite the opposite. It would be an exhilerating lift to my spirit. A huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.
  • No, I'd be far busier doing the things I really want to do.
  • At first it would probably be fun, buying whatever. Then I'd get really bored.
  • I would find a way to deal with the boredom.
  • Not at all - I would be able to do all the other things I want to do with my life: study for a Phd, go travelling, move abroad and work with refugees. Work is the thing which I do to make money to afford those things, but it doesn't leave me enough time to actually do them.
  • Hopefully Yes. I like to think that I am sufficiently mature and 'settled' to be able to live with wealth without going all 'Britney Spears'/'Anna Nicole Smith'/... as a result. Mostly people must raised with wealth to have a chance, and even so many succumb to damaging aristocratic philosophies and vices. regards JakobA
  • No, it would be AWESOME!
  • Absolutly not. I could go to school for different things and not worry about how much money I'm wasting away. I could travel anywhere I wanted. Buy anything I needed or wanted. Support all my relatives that need help. It would be great.
  • Certainly not ... It would free me from the time consuming efforts of earning a living and allow me to live with 100% free time, instead of a much smaller percentage.
  • NO WAY! I could have peaceful days not wondering how I'm gonna pay for this or that. A weight would be lifted off my shoulders!!! +5
  • No, but for different reasons than you might suspect. I believe that being independently wealthy requires you to be a lot more accountable and responsible with your life and money than the average person. If you're wealthy enough to have complete and total financial freedom then you could and should be utilizing that position and your free time with helping others and/or chairing various boards and organizations that are charitable. Very few fabulously wealthy people sit around all day doing nothing but drink, play xBox and have sex with beautiful people. Most of them work hard (and have worked hard to be where they are) at making the world a better place. In my experience, anyway.
  • No, it would not be boring. I would praise God for this freedom.
  • Not at all :D
  • Possibly, but it'd be fun to find out!

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