• It is a "quality" inherent, but we can practice developing it or not.
  • Hatred is fear that's gone postal and aggressive. Fear is certainly a part of human nature, it turns to hatred in an attempt to create distance between the object of fear and itself... a sort of psychological "pushing away" the threat. Also quite human and 'natural'. But it can also be taught, as the Taliban teach children to fear and hate the West... an instinct they're definitely not born with. Likewise, some Western parents teach their children to fear and hate anything Islamic or Arabic. In the end, I think the real enemy on all sides is always the same: ignorance. Not understanding "the other", not understanding oneself, not understanding the nature of life and being human.
  • Neither love nor hate are part of human nature. The basic human nature is selfishness. Selfishness manifests itself as love or hate. What we must learn is to stay equidistant from both.
  • I think we learn love first. Hatred is the other side of that. it is therefore natural and you will learn it eventually because it is the opposite of love. everything has an opposite. "For ever action there is an equal or opposite reaction."
  • I think it is something we learn. +5
  • I think its a natural feeling that we learn to control. When you see young children playing together, they are often aggressive and domineering. We learn to control our impulses and aggressive tendancies to follow societies rules.
  • Something we learn for definate :D
  • it's learned!
  • It's a part of human nature. I am sure of this from studying my younger brother. He was just a little boy, too young to have learned hatred from movies, my parents, myself, or anyone else. There were a few times that I teased him so much that he just snapped. He lost all control and if he could have overpowered me, I could have been killed. Hate is a very natural part of human nature, but it is something that would be nice if we could evolve out of. Unfortunately, there are things in the world that deserve our hate. It could be detrimental to us all of we tried to love these things instead. Some people might see love as weakness and take advantage of us. If we instead hate them, we put pressure on them to change or to leave us alone. If we love them instead, then how strong is our love really. Love should be saved for times when we mean it. Hate is the same, it should be reserved for times when it is most useful and effective. All emotions should be under our control. Otherwise they can get us into trouble. When controlled, emotions protect us, and make life more meaningful.
  • It's learned behaviour.

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