• Well I use to feel like this in front of my bf but after a while I realized that I have to eat no matter what and I have to get over this issue I have with myself.....
  • just eat in front of him then it isn't a big deal, everyone does it your gonna have to eat in front of him eventually if the relationship is gonna go anywhere
  • I think you should invite your boyfriend over and make cookies/brownies/ some other food you like that is easy to fix and make it with him, and set it in the oven. Then you should turn on a movie and take the food out and let it cool. If you want the food to cool faster, stick it in the freezer and it should cool in about 10-15 minutes. Hopefully, by the end of the movie you are both relaxed, and then you can eat the good food together. If you are in a sexy mood/ want to do some stuff/ you can feed him a cookie and then he will feed you a cookie. Hopefully you will both have a good (and fun!) date doing this together and it seems an easy way to overcome your fear without pressure. Don't worry if you are not a good cook. You can buy a boxed brownie mix and use the directions on the box! The sex appeal and desserts seems a win-win combo for me and making the dessert with him is an activity you probably haven't tried before. The movie should help you relax.
  • You need to ask yourself why you feel this way. Are you embarrassed because you think you look weird when you eat? Do you think he'll comment on the amount you're eating? Did your previous boyfriend criticise you for eating too much or too little? Did you have any experiences in the past where a partner mocked you?

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