• 6-5-2017 The first line of defense against depression and anxiety is B vitamins. Get nutritional yeast powder and/or B-100 pills. Vitamin B2 is a water soluble dye that turns urine bright yellow. When the color fades, it's time for another dose. Read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.
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  • For taking away your stress need to be happy and for this do which you like most and try to forget your issue.
  • *** Put the Brakes on Burnout! Stress of all types is on the rise, and Ellen McGrath, a psychologist writing in the U.S. magazine Health, offers a few strategies to keep stress from leading to burnout in your life. ▪ Take a break, any break: Take a ten-minute walk or five minutes of calm, deep breathing. Set aside 15 minutes to read or reflect at the beginning and at the end of each day. ▪ Take control: Surround yourself with things that make you smile
  • Listening to soothing music.
  • A sharp paper cutter and a heavy duty binder to keep your homework in. : ) Thank you very much
  • Making sure you are not sick. If there is something wrong with you and you are unaware it can take a toll on your health and upset the balance of your life.
  • A good orgasm.
  • Yoga works wonders for managing stress levels. It can help you relax, become more in tune with your body, and get some exercise all at once. In addition, make sure you're getting enough sleep. Fatigue and stress and create a horrible cycle that is hard to break once slipped into.

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