• pneumonia? it's a condition which can be fatal due to dropping body temperatures. Phenomena, on the other hand, is something crazy and amazing that is quite uncommon, so you may just have mixed up the spelling?
  • Not sure what you are asking here. As for telling when someone died, a person's "core body temperature" is taken, by inserting an instrument that's like a meat thermometer into their liver. The coroner compares the liver temperature to the air temperature where the body lays dead. As a rule of thumb, a body generally cools at about 1 degree Fahrenheit per hour. If that helped, good, if not, well, I watched too much Quincy I guess.
  • the afterdrop phenomenon occurs in hypothermia, when you get cold blood vessels in the arms and legs are narrowed as blood is diverted to the important (core)organs (heart, kidneys etc.) when you start to warm the person back up you warm the outside first and heat travels inwards, so the arms and legs start to get warmer first and the vessels open up again. when they open up all the cold blood that was in them then travels back to the heart and there is a drop in core temperature. this is after drop. hope this is what you were asking.
  • hot water immersion can cause hypotension from peripheral vasodilation and a sudden return of cold acidotic blood and waste products to the body's core. Paramedic student bako college jetson that's basic knowledge for a medic

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