• Working out at a local gym! Trust me, I take fitness in school and we do cardio and strength training. I am already seeing results! Unless, are you already unhealthy?
  • the "quick" part is whats going to damage your health. It takes time and dedication to build your body correctly.
  • Unfortunately for all of us, there is no any quick way to buff, strong and big without damaging one's health. It takes time, considerable time, and dedication to get there.
  • it depends on what kind of muscle you want. if you want to bulk up, weight training is the thing to do. if you want lean muscles and flexibility the best thing in my opinion is a martial art. i suggest wing chun, its really good and you get results pretty quick if you practice it often.
  • take a steroid that has little o no negative side effects, get a copy of the steroid bible for moe info
  • Like down on my luck said, do the 100 crunches as a mix up with the lie down pos the legs up on chair and so on... if you can do pull ups then 10 a day will be beneficial. my main food to eat when i feel hungry is an apple as it is no harm and actually provides with alot of energy. a small jog each day which doesnt have to be big will just maintain your balanced muscle build and also after a little while of doing so maybe say a few weeks start by doing weights, work both arms at the same time not right arm one day left the next. balance it out. drink 2 glasses of water every hour of the day and you will see a major difference after just a week with your muscle build. good luck

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