• Opinions are something that everyone has. Some just choose to voice theirs more.
  • Isn't that why we're on AB to begin with? find out other's opinions?
  • It's impossible to be other opinionated.
    • Nosmo King
      That's true. Lol:)
  • I'd rather be around someone with a opinion thats cool and useful Better than to be with a " know - it - all "
  • I've often found the most self-opinionated people (ie: the know-it-alls) are very insecure. It seems to be a reaction to that.
  • Anyone can be opinionated. It takes some effort to be informed and educated. Therefore, it is much easier to get an opinion than an answer.
  • Every time its not know it all attitude but it may be lack of trust upon others.They are secured with their own opinion.What ever may be the out come they wont have to repent for it beliving that "i could have gone with my own principles". hence its just a type of mind set not the all knowing attitude every time.
  • Because everyone thinks they are right, and that means that anyone who doesn't agree is wrong. Any decent person would want to correct them, so there ya go...
  • An opinion is a person's thoughts or ideas towards something. If a person's opinions are not their own, then they really don't have an opinion. You can be self-righteous where you determine your actions to be correct based on your own criteria for rightousness, but then again there are other definitions of righteousness, therefore you are going against those and focusing on the ones put in place by your self. There is only one opinion a person can have, and that is their own. It may be changed by someone elses input, or by a daily mood change, but it will still be the persons own opinion, which is neither right or wrong. An opinion cannot be proven wrong, because it is not factual, it is a thought or idea.
  • Opinions are ok, what bothers me is when a person has a strong opinion about a serious Issue and has no experience, gained knowledge, etc... about the subject but expresses a very strong opinion. To me that's scary. Ex: relationship issue; woman calls her girlfriend and talks about her problem in her Marriage, girlfriend never married, mother never married, the only Marriage knowledge she has is sitting up watching Soaps all the time and she suggests/advise her with strong opinions of hers. Ohhhh that's burns me up, Opinions are ok "if you some knowledge/facts about what the hell you are talking about" because Opinions are information sumbitted and there are people listening whom knows not the difference in the truth from a thought.
  • Well is just natural for people to have opinions.
  • People described as self-opinionated are usually people who don't change their views easily, and they become defensive when they think someone might be trying to change them. It's not so much a selfish or arrogant thing as it is a fear of change.
  • By phrasing your question the way you did, you answered it yourself. Self refers to your being only. Opinions are especially strong when the individual has a full life with all its experiences. Depending on the character of that person, opinions can harden or change. A discussion or a forum of the AB kind depends on opinons of self.

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