• You know some of these questions scare the bejesus out of me.
  • i'm gonna guess that because the child is under the law & selling him would be a violation of their constitutional rights. but i don't really know.
  • Children are not possessions that can be bought or sold. You are their parents, guardians until they are of age to make their own decisions.
  • Actually I believe you can seperate the two. To me it is legally wrong because there are laws against it. Our or most civil societies believe it is against what are considered social norms. There is no world wide morality however that why there are laws that attempt to codify, to put into a written form what will be accepted.+5
  • Because if you bring a child into the world ; YOu have a responsability to take care of that child until it is at least 18 ... YOU made the child and no one else . It is ILLEGAL to sell ANY human and selling of people was abolished when slavery was made illegal .... Can you imagine what would happen when some dope head needed another FIX and all he or she had was a child / baby ? They would sell it !! It is for the PROTECTION of the Baby - Child ... that they cannot be SOLD.
  • because by law, human beings can't be property and therefore can't be bought and sold. selling humans is called "slavery" or "human trafficking" and it's a violation of basic human rights.
  • It is against human trafficking laws. You cannot buy and sell human beings. It is part of the laws against slavery and sex slavery.
  • Who says it's morally wrong? Adoption isn't morally wrong. But take some cash for it and you're evil? Either giving away your kid is right or it's wrong. The matter of payment is inconsequential really.
  • becauase if all of the millions of parents out there that are dissatisfied with their children decided to sell them just to make aquick buck and get rid of a burden then we would have a flodding of the market and there would be financial issues for a lot of people. AND if people decided that it wasn't completley UNethical then they might decide to have kids just to make money and we can just imagine all the disastrous effects of THAT idea.
  • cause theyre kids and its wrong to make money out of them

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