• One - his attitude.
  • Starting wars.
  • He let Cheney run the country
  • His opposition party, the left and far left here in the United States and the liberal media here and abroad, as well, all of which dislike independent-minded, confident Americans, including leaders like Bush. Most foreign governments think mostly in terms of the short-run, not long-term. They are essentially gutless and can't take the heat...until they, themselves, get hit...then they come crying for help from the likes of the U.S. and the U.K., both of which have historically always come running to their rescue. Most have been less than appreciative. +5
  • He decided it was more important to invade Iraq rather than stay in Afghanistan and finish off al-Qaeda. Also, he had problems with dealing with foreign leaders.
  • The biggest problem was that there were no real achievements in foreign affairs with the Bush administration, only setbacks.
  • He realistically involved the country in 3 wars in the Middle East and caused the death of millions of innocent people which have caused the entire world to hate the US and you ask what were his real problems in foreign affairs? LMAO!

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