• Perhaps it is a tribute. You know, sometimes a well known band likes an unknown band, and covers one of their songs in order to increase the other band's popularity.
  • Sometimes the original is not very good. Sometimes they are updating the story or have a slightly different take on it. Sometimes they just want something to put on the market. For music, I think it is most likely just the fact that the person/band likes the song and would like to do it with their own style or bring it back into the spotlight. And sometimes the original is just not very good.
  • Without wanting to rain opprobrium down upon me, most pop music isn't that great in the first place. A remake often takes a creaky oldie and makes it hip once again (for a whole two months). I can often dig it. As for movies...they usually screw it all up. It's one thing to restate a song and another to re-imagine a whole movie. AND, while I'm opinionizing, taking a television show from a past decade and shoe-horning it into a movie is a certain recipe for FLOP and CRAP.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't agree with everything you said, but I liked it anyway because I like most of what you said. And that you have the nerve to say what you think regardless of what others think!
      I agree about 99%. There *have* been a few great movie remakes of TV the Get Smart movie. I thought that was pretty darned funny. I thought the Maverick movie (the one starring James Garner) was pretty funny. The Man from Uncle wasn't so bad. And one of the Lost in Space movies I though was fairly well done (though not as good as the show.) But most of them tank worse than a tank tanks. Wild Wild West. The Avengers. The Perry Mason made-for-TV movies. The first Thunderbirds movie (how could such a God-awful movie be done by the very same people and studio who made such a great TV series?)
  • A lack of imagination, but then again one or two have in fact improved from the original, not many!
  • Probably to make stories more interesting with modern facilities and music more lively according to need of generation but ultimately it is all to get profit and fame sometimes it suceed and sometimes it fail
  • As fans, a tribute, money or just correcting imperfections.
  • Well, sometimes putting a different spin on a story or music, gives new insight, when it is done well that is.
  • I wouldn't watch many movies, if They didn't remake Them. And I wouldn't know much music, if they didn't remake it. Remixes are sometimes better than originals. (IMO) Or it just brings something completely different. Example:
  • There are good movie remakes. Take Batman, King Kong and The Magnificent Seven to name a few. They're all good movie thrillers to watch. Then comes those sleeper remakes in which filmmakers attempt to remake classic movies fail miserably, tarnishing the original source material, and leaving audiences wondering why a remake was needed in the first place.
  • Money. If you take a film that already has a huge following of fanatics, and then redo it, you'll save money from not having to develop the story line or the characters, you'll earn more money as people who are already familiar with the story either want to see it again or want to go see how badly the studio botched their favourite story, and you already have all of the brand recognition already guaranteed. And, as long as people are simple and predictable and keep shelling out $100 to take themselves and a date to a movie and buy overpriced drinks and popcorn, it'll just keep happening, because, for the studio it's a fifty million dollar bet that pays out billions with virtually no risk of failure.
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer! I don't think I can add anything to that. Did you see dww's question about music? I'd like to see your answer there.
  • There was a guy joking on the radio one day saying someone asked a new singer to sing a song and he said he didn't know it the guy pulled out a 100 and he started singing it! lol I like all kinds of music but I have a time limit for some of them. I'm more into lyrics than the music. I might be more into it if I was better at playing it, but I suck at everything! Hell, I even have problems with the radio fading in and out when I walk by. Oh wait, we were talking about remakes, right? I like them in general because they cause you to remember the old and whether its better or worse you can take a little trip through a fond memory from the past either way and it introduces a new generation to good entertainment and if used in a positive manner can help generations enjoy time together and bond.

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