• Absolutely. What public education fails to understand (I used to teach at the high school level, work at a college now)is not every student is going to be strong in English, Math, etc. There is a place for the "creative" student who excels in theater, art, shop, and so forth. Let me give you an example. Personally I don't know a lot about cars. I can fix a few general things, but if I needed a rebuilt engine, I would have to pay someone to do it for me. Thank goodness, we have people who enjoy that type of work and are good at it. One of the reasons I left secondary education for higher education is due to my frustration with the system. Everything is teach to the test. What happened to teaching people how to think for themselves? The arts have a definite role in our schools but they are being taken away. Physical education is the other thing being eliminated. Government wants to gripe about how overweight our society is or how high the dropout rate is in our schools. Did it ever occur to them that cutting programs like the arts is one of the reasons why. LOL-Okay I am off my soapbox now, carry on.

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