• If he likes you at all, he should break up with his girlfriend before he even tells you he likes you. Otherwise, he is being unfair to both you and his girlfriend.
  • Apparently you can't get anyone on your own ; so you are out chasing after ANOTHER woman's Guy ? SHAME on YOU and him IF he falls for that BS .... He is TAKEN ! Find a guy who is SINGLE ! How would YOU like it if some trollop came along and stole YOUR guy ? Don't forget; IF you can steal him from someone else ; then perhaps someone can also steal him from YOU ... To answer your question ; If he's sleeping with you also ; then he'll probably be a low life and leave his current g/f.
  • when he breaks up with his girlfriend...
  • You'll know when he breaks up with her and comes to you. But remember what goes around comes around. They may not be married, but you shouldnt even be considering a guy that is already spoken for. Plus if he does leave her and comes to you than you have to worry will he do the same thing to you when the next best thing comes along. Goodluck with that.
  • let's be honest, lots of people meet while in other relationships, and things can get a bit complicated and painful... but they can also be simple. basically, if he likes you more than her, then he'll probably break up with her!
  • number one, you are not more important jsut becasue he broke up to be with you. that is a big joke. if that is the case, then you are merely the next fool in a long line of fools.

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