• i don't understand the question. are you on pain killers, and they are testing for something else ... say to see if you are pregnant, or to measure your blood sugar? or, are you asking why they would test to see if you have pain killers in your system?
  • My doctor's office does and said that the gov. has passed this laws where they have to monitor restriced drugs.
  • They don't do that at my Md's. I take 200 vicodin a month and I have never had mine tested. If they think you are using them illegally they might but never heard that
  • No kidding! It's coming to that already, eh? What next?
  • Not sure your particular situation, but they may be testing to make sure you are actually taking said pain killers and not selling them.
  • The only reason I've ever seen urinalysis done in conjuntion with medications is to confirm it's not having a negative effect on kidney function. They usually draw blood as well, for a liver function panel.

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