• What? have you never wondered where Everest came from? Everest was brought about by a curry I had in Tibet a few years ago... Grin..
  • I don't really keep track of this shit.
  • I'm not sure. But it LOOKED like an Answerbag troll. I guess I didn't flush soon enough and it got away. Sorry! I guess I'm the guy who allowed trolls to escape into AB society and breed like flies on...well, you know.
  • Funny you should bring this hideous topic up. Normally I would not even answer, EXCEPT that I was in a bookstore the other day and I went in and saw something someone left that should have been in a museum. Have you ever seen that South Park Episode where Stan's dad was in a contest for the biggest turd? Well this one would have beat that. It was the size of a small meatloaf. It was so large that it would definitely have to be removed by hand (not mine!) becuase it could never, ever be flushed. That was the biggest one I have ever seen.

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