• If you know what you want to do for sure and are dedicated to get there than yes. Otherwise don't waste your parents money.
  • It is always worth it to get as much education (in any field) as you can. Today, jobs are so hard to get (or keep), you need to be as competitive as possible!
  • It depends on what you are looking for in life.
  • Cheaper to study forgery. (You'll get all A's!)
  • If you have the money and the time and the passion for learning yes. If you don't, then it will be a very hard track to follow and finish. Beyond the knowledge gained the value of a degree indicates that you finish what you start...Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. You set a course and you do what it takes and you finish. I think that is as important to prospective employers as anything else. When it gets tough and you want to throw in the towel you don' stick it out. That bodes well for a career because it means you won't throw in the towel if the work gets tough or the goal is difficult to won't give up! :)
  • for me yes it is worth i love knowledge
  • It really depends on what you want to do. I think it is beneficial, but I also wanted to be a chemist. If your selected interest doesn't require university, then I wouldn't waste the money. I would think at least a 2-year degree would only help and may lead you into a chosen profession. I wouldn't rule out university, but I think you need to really look at what you want to do. It's also easier to stay in school and get the degree know rather than take time off and figure you'll get it later. You won't want to and/or won't want the time.
  • heck yea
  • Yes, makes a better more rounded person out of you, increases your earning potential and takes away some of the ignorance we are have when we are born.
  • If it fits into what you want to in life.
  • Depends on your degree. If you go into something like nursing yes but I know people with college degrees that can't get jobs even working fast food..they are overqualified and they can't get jobs in their degree due to the economy..Some degrees are useless unless you can afford to get a masters or doctorate and then you are looking at working 20 + years just to pay off the student loans involved so I say it depends on your degree. You can go to community college or OJT and achieve the same thing in a lot of cases
  • Not at all!
  • Depends on what you do with it. I recommend it to individuals who are on a serious career track and to those who have the money to make themselves better rounded individuals.
  • Yes of course..not only do you have a chance of better also gain advanced knowledge :D
  • I think it depends what you are getting your degree in and for what purpose--if you basing it on financial reasons that is. For helping people become more of an "all around person,"" it is probably good, especiallly for those in the liberal arts.
  • “The purpose of a university education is not to learn a lot of facts, but to train the mind to think." (Albert Einstein)
  • Yes, but also consider money when deciding you can get the same education from an online school that you can from an actual college or university
  • If you think education is expensive, think about ignorance.
  • It really depends on what you are looking for out of life. If you want to be rich and successful - you can do that with or without a degree, although a degre helps a lot. There are so many jobs that you can't get without a degree, whether it is related to that career or not. You can have a good future without a degree, and you will save yourself lots of money if you don't go. However, having a degree just opens so many possibilities to you. Plus, it really does give you so many skills and experiences that you will miss out on if you don't go. ...its a lot of work, but its so much fun too!
  • It definitely was for me! During my time in college I forged friendship with some students whose parents are well-to-do and have connections of all sorts. Before I even graduated I already had a job in the same field I was getting a degree for, lined up waiting for me.
  • Yes, the college experience makes it totally worth it. I graduate in May with a Bachelor's degree. :) Super excited, but also a little sad that I have to wait until September to start my post bachelor studies! lol. I'm kind of a nerd.
  • Yes, the time and money spent will increase your earning potential enough to make it a good return on your investment. All things being equal if you have a four year degree you will be more marketable than if you don't.
  • A college degree is always an advantage in today’s job market. It is no secret that the numbers of jobs available for graduates with a college degree is higher and offer more attractive salaries and benefits. Even for jobs that do not require a specialized college degree, employers often prefer degree holders. Lack of a degree also affects career growth. If you cannot take four years off for the degree program, maybe you should opt for distance learning programs like the ones offered by Independence University (

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