• Thank God I don't.
  • Yes, because I want you to enter Heaven with the rest of us who believe.
  • Well first of all I don't see why you would care if somone else cares that your an atheist, but personally no I do not care. Why? Because what you think has nothing to do with me whatsoever.
  • I'm not losing sleep over it. Why? It's your choice. I think you're missing out on a lot. I believe you will go to hell (not in a mean way, but you reject Option 1 of a two option system). I don't believe it is my choice to force you to believe. But that doesn't mean you have to strip God out of the public arena either.
  • No, coz i don't know you personally!
  • I don't care, each to there own.
  • 23 You asked a good question. I will answer with a question to start. If I believed that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And that believe in God and Jesus was the only way to heaven, then why would I not care? I do care not about you being an Atheist but more important, where will you spend eternity? So yes, I care for you as a person, I care for you as a soul. I look at it this way. Society is on the Titanic and has hit the iceberg and the ship of souls is sinking slowly. I have seen the Light of God and am saved as I rest in Jesus lifeboat. You are on deck, partying, thinking you are on the unshinkable Titanic but as sure as there will be a sunrise tomorrow, thay ship will sink. I am in the lifeboat and I can see her going down. Won't you join me ?
  • yes I care! that means you are not one of the unlogical weak-minded people. so yeh!
  • No,unless you say something not favorable for us.
  • I care.... Only cuz i care about you. I think there might be (or is) alot out there that is being missed out on. God cares, But then again, its a choice. If you run from God...then when death comes, you will get what you have wanted your whole life... Eternal seperation from God. But...If you run to God, and search him out...then in death, you will find out who he really is.
  • yes and no... I care because my beliefs say that Jesus is the only way into heaven, I care because I know what God has done for me, and its been all good! I care because I dont want to see people hurt and suffer, and God is a healer. I dont care (sounds rude, I dont mean it to, sorry)because I know God loves you more then anyone ever could, and I trust Him, that He will do all He can to... "get you to see the truth" He will get 'seeds' planted in your heart. He will cause you to question, and questions are what lead us to look for truth.
  • I care because I want every one to live the best possible life they can which is only possible with God. Plus I don't want anybody to suffer eternal punishement that God has made so easy to avoid.
  • No, while I do believe in God, I find the sentiments described below are similar as to how my "faith" has evolved. The bit below is from the very last part of the above link. Positive Christian Atheism. I mean, I certainly believe in moral aspects of Christianity. I just don't believe in the mumbo-jumbo God bits of it. I think there is some precedent for picking and choosing the parts of a religion to believe and parts to discard. I see many Christians choosing to believe the abomination parts of Leviticus regarding homosexuality, but they've discarded parts from the very same chapter regarding shellfish, working on Sunday, or interacting with menstruating women. Many of them are pro-death penalty because of specific Bible verses, anti-abortion because of other verses, but aren't as supportive of verses promoting slavery or polygamy. You would think with an infallible omniscient God there would not be any wiggle room. As A Positive Christian Atheist, I believe there was a black man ("skin like brass, hair like wool", go find it in your Bible) who lived around 2000 years ago in Judea. He taught people that they should love each other and treat each other well. He spoke in theistic words and metaphors of the time to illiterate people with no understanding of science. Then, for raising a rebellion against rich merchants, the government executed him. Afterwards, his fan club became a cult, made up some fantastic stories about wine making and water-walking, started lots of wars, and killed many people because they didn't believe the exact same set of fantastic stories. I don't believe there is a God, but I do allow for the fact that neither anyone nor I could possibly know for sure anyway. It might be better to say I see no reason to believe in God; life, morality, and belonging do not require one. Sin is wrong because it harms others. I believe if you need a book and a God to divine wrong from right, you lack or ignore a basic empathy for others. God is ancient shorthand for life, the universe, and everything. We're all a part of a closed system; we all affect and depend on that system to survive. The "positive" part of Positive Christian Atheism means blending the positive aspects of Christian teaching with the positive reality of atheism. The admonition to treat others well means so much more when you realize this is the only life we've got, and the only heaven we'll experience is the one we strive to create here on earth. A Positive Christian Atheist has to avoid sin not because he fears retribution in an afterlife, but rather because it creates poverty, death, mistrust, and despair in the real life. A Positive Christian Atheist doesn't do good works to impress God; he does good works because they help people, just as Christ would have done. A Positive Christian Atheist realizes that people believe in myths and Jesus was a person, so Jesus said many things about God, salvation, and afterlife, but Jesus didn't have any more proof of these things than anyone else does. Prayer is a good way to express positive hopefulness and create an atmosphere of community and belonging, which in itself is a good thing that can work wonders, but I don't believe anything is listening or prayer actively changes events. A Positive Christian Atheist doesn't try to interpret the Bible as a good source of law. The Bible is like Aesop's Fables or Grimm's Fairy Tales – they are good stories and they have definite lessons and morals, but they are not meant to be taken literally. Law should be derived by just consent of the governed with respect toward the self-evident truths that all men are created equal and given the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I'll take Thomas Jefferson over Thomas Aquinas any day. So there it is, my religion, Positive Christian Atheism. It's a religion of one with a clever oxymoronic name and flexible dogma from a clever guy with an oxymoronic nickname and a funny dog tag. It can only be a religion of one, because I believe that the way you understand the universe and your place in it is undeniably unique. I believe in your right to have faith in any story or gods you choose, but I will not refrain from pointing out something silly, contradictory, or just plain sinful from my point-of-view. I believe we'd all get along better if we kept the god stories to ourselves and solved our problems with reason and reality with which we all can agree. ~
  • no...i only care if an atheist is disrespectful of who and what I care for ,God....i am interested in what u think and why u r atheist....i may can help u understand ME and God a little better...:)...but i care about all men and their souls...even satanists, child molesters, a baptist, a catholic, a christian, a muslims, a liars, a theifs,etc...but u see, sometimes I have to ACCEPT and move on that one DOES NOT CARE THAT I CARE"....I just care,but that's ..JustMe:)
  • I will care, but I will respect you, your beliefs and wishes.
  • Different people have different beliefs.
  • please ignore...
  • I don't give a damn about you being an atheist. If you don't have b/o, we can be very good friends.
  • Not in the least but I suggest you get accustomed to heat.
  • Suit yourself. Statistically, non-atheists live longer and have a higher quality of life into old age.
  • No ! I ONLY care about the measure of your goodwill to society! Your issue about "God" is. . .yours!
  • No, you are free to be whatever you want. Being a Christian is not about being pushy. It is about taking other people's views into consideration, and then allowing time to change your views once a seed has been planted.
  • I personally don't however when you die your in for a big surprise. Not a good one either.
  • 7-10-2017 I care, but I don't make a fuss about it because everybody gets to make their own choice.
  • Yes, I care. Being an atheist is such a loss. I was atheist at one time in my life so I know. I would offer to teach you about the love of the Lord Jesus if you desired to know. I would not push or force Him on you. I would hope to make you curious enough to at least want to listen. Loving Jesus Christ is the most wonderful thing I know of in the world but it is your free choice if you wish to learn or not. To cram Jesus Christ down your throat will push you away more. I have the information but do you want to hear and learn? The choice is yours.

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