• I got annoyed at myself for trusting them. I just shut down and let it fester. You can only control what you do and how you react, not what other people do. That is just the way I am, it probably isn't healthy or good for self-esteem but it is the way I view myself in the world.
  • To every lie which has connection with serious matter,I can be as furious as....It's me and that person ,so that I can take his/her validity drive!
  • yes, many times and I reacted patiently!
  • I can not forgive liers.
  • Yeah several times in my life, I can't stand liars, that seriously is one of my pet hates! I didn't really react, i just removed them from my life!
  • I let the friendship die. When someone lies to you, you can no longer trust that person. I may not have a huge number of friends, but the friends I do have are jewels.
  • That has been the standard with some people and I've learned to expect it from them. With others I think it would be offensive to me.
  • Yes. As for the reaction? Well, it depends on the person doing the lying.
  • Everyone lies. My reaction depends on the reason, the scale and the purpose of the lie.
  • Of course, I have. I'm certain everyone has had that experience one time or another. I am not a liar...and never have been. Not doing so was instilled in by my parents, especially my Mother, who repeated over and over that lying, stealing and hating were the worst of all things in life. I, in turn, wholeheartedly believe the same. A person who lies to me, lies to me ONCE! Thereafter, I have no use for them. +5
  • I get pretty angry. I almost never lie, I expect the same from my friends and family. Only time i'll lie usually is to spare someones feelings. Other than that, Dont ask me if you really dont want to know the answer. IE "do I look fat in these Pants?" LOL
  • I embarrassed her by telling that she was a liar in front of all of her friends to seed misturst against her. Uhhhh I'm so badass! HAR HAR
  • with suprised outrage.
  • Almost everyone I know has,but some were not meant to be bad.The bad ones were pretty hard to take,hard to forgive.But the worst is when I feel it will happen again from the same person.That makes me really angry but not much to do with it.Anger hurts myself mostly.
  • Sure. My reaction depends on who the person is and what they lied about though.
  • If it is something that I consider a serious issue i cut them outof my life completely.
  • More times than I care to admit..It's a bit disheartening..trusting isnt something that comes easy to when I do..only to be again reminded that I shouldnt..that can hurt a bit. I get angry with myself for letting it happen :)
  • I didn't have a chance to react. She lied and then left me.
  • I don't react much bcoz it is common nowadays!
  • Yes and I was very upset and p*ssed off at the same time. So I had a few too many drinks and brought up the subject.
  • No, never. No one has ever lied to me.
  • Of course! It happens all the time. You just learn to deal with it. They make their choice and you make your choice based on their choice.

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