• I visited an aquarium in Dubai and the best thing i remember is the large octopus in it!
  • My baby/toddler niece was with her mom in a sleepy, quiet aquarium looking into a wall-size tank, when suddenly a large grouper appeared out of the murk right next to her. She screamed so loud everyone in the entire building heard. Then wondered why all the attention.
  • A planetarium in Edmonton was excellent. The show was humorous. I've been to aquariums in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore and Mystic, CT. A Beluga whale seemed to like me in Mystic. I took photos and it appeared he was posing. Everybody was laughing.
  • The planetarium in my city has on old fashioned star-machine. Coolest thing to watch working, and does an amazing job of recreating the night sky.
  • I visited an aquarium not so long ago & the best thing I remember is seeing the large sting rays swim across the glass roof (the aquarium is underground), they look amazing.
  • I visited Sydney Aquarium. The dugongs were amazing. Their mouths look really funny when looking at them from below. :D
  • The aquarium in New Orleans was a really good one. When I was there , they were featuring a disply on jelly fish and it was amazing to see them!
  • Visited oth. The planetarium is always breathtaking to me..the aquarium less so simply because the sky is expansive and not confined whereas the aquarium traps its exhibits rather like they do at the zoo . Also, saw a exhibit of jellyfish once that really creeped me out. Jellyfish are very strange, mysterious creatures and for just a moment I envisioned myself as one and got the chills. So I prefer planetarium, although I'm a water sign and love the ocean! :)
  • Oh, yes! Both. Incredible worlds. My favorite memories of the aquarium are watching the penguins play with each other and standing in front of the glass windows, staring into the tanks as sharks swam by. Super cool stuff. I have to do that again this summer. It's been a very long time.
  • How beautifully tranquil and majestic the fish looked and the peaceful world they live in!
  • I have been visiting aquariums since early childhood. I have been keeping a good collection of tropical fish in my own aquarium at home for the memory. . I visited a planetarium for the first time when I was 15 years old - the Birla Planetarium in Calcutta. I never cared to visit planetariums then on. Though I have had to visit them with guests in sightseeing trips. Lying down on the grass under a clear sky with my eyes trained on the constellations is a far superior experience to me than the synthetic one at the planetarium. Reading a Carl Sagan book too gives a better impression, I suppose.
  • I first went to the Planetarium in Sydney when I was a child. I remember being spellbound, as the tableau unfolded over my head. I have also been to the Sydney Aquarium. It's expensive but amazing.
  • They both are fun to go to.I like aquariums better.The last one I went to was on Manteo,NC.Not long before I went,I watched a program on sharks where they explained their threat postures and movements right before they attack.I have a photo somewhere of a sand tiger shark doing the exact same posturing behind my back while I'm standing in front of the aquarium grinning like a fool!lol!
  • The aquarium in Monterey has the jellyfish and some really nice exhibits. In SF in Golden Gate park they just revamped the aquarium. I want to go see that - it was very nice last time I was there.

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