• It was a threat because of two things. First of all at the time heliocentrism was gaining popularity, the Protestant movement was also gaining popularity. So, for the first time in centuries, the Roman Catholic church was facing a real challenge to its authority. The you add to this the fact that, during the dark ages, geocentrism had become a doctrine of the Church. There are even some verses in the Bible that seem to support this idea. So, the church came to see that people could think that, if the church could be wrong about something as fundamental as the nature of the solar system, then about what else might they be wrong. So, the push for the heliocentric model also became another challenge to the church's authority. This is why they saw it as a threat.
  • Anytime something involves radical changes in thinking the resistance will be huge. The new frontier of this is the research into psychic abilities. There is already enough evidence for any sane scientific standard, but its existence goes against many deeply held beliefs. It is not just scientists who are resistant, ordinary people react very emotionally to this subject. It was the same for heliocentrism.

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